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Outfit of the week

I’m loving Zara at the minute, resulting in lots of late night online shopping binges during night feeds but not knowing what will or won’t suite my new postpartum shape means I’ve made multiple trips into town already to return most of it 😂. 

One item I did keep was this colourful shirt blouse, which was so easy to feed in. I wore a vest underneath for OUOD and fed discreetly. You could also just undo the buttons. It’s loose so perfect to hide my new mum tum! Also wearing some ‘mum fit’ trousers from zara. So I didn’t look like I was on my way to the office with two babies in tow, I opted for some causal pastel with rose gold detailed leather Converse shoes 😍. 

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Outfit of the week..

Are any other new mums struggling with their new post pregnancy shape?? I certainly am! Also uber bored of all my old clothes and my old ‘breastfeeding friendly’ pieces. This, coupled with the fact I barely have time to shower and get dressed and look sooo drained from the lack of sleep, is making me feel very ‘Mumsy’ on a day to day basis. 

As I’m more experienced with breastfeeding this time (less fumbling involved) I’m more comfortable with OUOD (one up one down) so I’ll be on the hunt for more clothes suitable for this, whilst also sticking to buttoned clothes (but trying to find some more exciting ones 😂). To motivate me to actually make an effort to like half decent every once in a while, I’m going to attempt to upload a breastfeeding friendly outfit of the week.. so here is my first one.. 

I am head to toe in Zara, and I wore a vest undernead for OUOD 😍 

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A tiny bit addicted to…

Since becoming a mum, I have become increasingly addicted to online shopping. It started with clothes when I couldn’t get out the house easily to find nursing friendly clothes, but now I’m a full blown addict. I used to hate shopping online before! 

Now I buy EVERYTHING online.. household items, babies clothes and everyday bits, my clothes, toys, presents, the food shop, and I think I hit an all time record yesterday when I ordered shampoo and conditioner 😂.

It’s gotten so bad that the DPD delivery guy has been here every day for the last week, and that’s the same DPD guy every time. It’s got to the stage where I now request for the parcel to be left in the porch so that I don’t have to face him..

And don’t get me started on returns. The lady in the post office must also think I’m crazy, returning a parcel back to ASOS nearly every day! I never even used to like ASOS. 

This morning I have already placed three online orders with Zara. That’s my other problem, I can’t just decide in one go, I keep going back and place multiple orders. Oh and ladies if you didn’t know, the sale is now on, and I’ve snapped up some bargains! 

I think I need to get out the house more and go to actual shops, it’s just kind of hard when you have a baby to entertain constantly. Speaking of baby, he’s finally awake so I better get up. We have a super exciting day today.. He’s going to meet his new best friend for life..