Baby number 3 is coming.

Okay so it’s been almost a year since I updated my blog, life with two little monkeys kinda got in the way, and you may have guessed it from the title, that baby number 3 is on its way.. in 2 weeks..eeeek!

My little monkey turned 3 this summer, and his little brother just turned 20 Months. So we have exactly the same age gap as before and we are super excited to meet our new baby and find out if it’s a boy or a girl!

Here’s the last 9 months worth of bump pics 😍

Afternoon Tea at the Edgbaston 

Last week, myself and some Mummy friends (and two bumps) treated ourselves to a girly catch-up and afternoon tea.

For most this meant a nice baby free afternoon, but I took my littlest munchkin along for the ride (he will get used to being dragged around with Mummy I’m sure). My monkey was off at nursery for the day, thank god, as there was no way he would have behaved.

We went to The Edgbaston, which is a boutique hotel in the centre of Birmingham, which is right on my doorstep. You would miss it if you didn’t know it was there as looks like a grand private residence on a street of many others.

The lobby is tastefully decorated in black and gold and makes a very fine first impression, which continues on into the  1920’s themed cocktail lounge where afternoon tea is served daily between 12 and 5.  I loved all the little details and especially the vintage crockery. There was a very luxurious feel to the decor, service and food.

To kick off the afternoon tea there was a little food theatrics which was impressive (not that it takes much to impress me having not been ‘out’ in 4 weeks). It was the perfect environment to have a girly catch-up without our toddlers, and the tea, cake, artisan sandwiches and scones were all delicious!

I’ve tried afternoon tea at various places and have found the prices differ so much. I was surprised that The Edgbaston’s afternoon tea starts from £20 per person (which is the one we opted for); a very reasonable price tag for yummy food, with high quality service and presentation in a luxury setting. I will leave you with some photos…

Back to work.. The end of maternity leave 

So the day I have been dreading alllllll summer has come and gone. I don’t know what I was so worried about, being back to work so far has been great! I feel like I’m on holiday, compared to an average day! Luckily I am only working 3 days a week so I still get quality time with my monkey, and I have only been back for 3 days so let’s see if this feeling of new found freedom lasts. 

Anyway, let me tell you about my first day back and my monkeys first full session at nursery.. I got up super early showered and got ready, then got Sami up and dressed and packed the car ready to leave. I then got Sami into the car. We were bang on time, in fact even a little early which I was pleased about as I planned to stop at at costa for a chocolate twist and hot choc on the way! 

Sami has a (huge) obsession with our keys. As we are locking up he will often take the car key and I let him have it as its one of those ignition less keys where the car starts as long as they key is anywhere in the car. I always leave the driver door open just incase he decides go lock the car before I can jump in (which he has never done). I think you can guess where this is going..

I closed Sami’s door, having failed to leave mine open, and just as I walked over to the driver door I heard a ‘ching’.. HE HAD LOCKED ME OUT.. And himself in 😂😂😂.. For the next few minutes  I heard multiple ‘chings’ as he kept pressing the ‘lock’ button, every time I got my hopes up that he would press ‘unlock’ and every time I was disappointed. And then, he dropped the key.. Which followed a tantrum as he wanted me to get him out. 

So the next hour was spent waiting for the AA, playing peek a boo, singing songs and making funny faces to stop him from crying. We live across the road from a school and you should have seen the looks I was getting from parents as they walked past, I looked like a crazy lady talking and singing to myself. 

Anyway an hour later, the lovely AA man rescued us and got us back in the car, and we were back on the road. I dropped a hysterical Sami to nursery an hour late (I’m hoping one day soon he stops crying when I drop him, it’s heartbreaking, please tell me this will happen??). With a forgotten handbag (no Costa chocolate twist for me) and dead phone battery I are also arrived to work an hour late.. 

It’s comical now, but at the time I was super stressed and panicking, I had convinced myself it was a sign I shouldn’t go back to work, until I got there and loved it! Anyway, Sami is no longer allowed the car keys so hopefully this will never happen again.. 

How did we get to September 

It’s been ages and ages since I’ve updated my blog. And before I’ve had enough time to properly enjoy my last summer off with my monkey.. It’s September! Boo hoo. September arriving has always seemed way off for me and I’ve been dreading it arriving.. 

September is when I return to work after 16 lovely and long months off. This also means my little monkey will be starting nursery. Something I’m excited and nervous about. But also, this September I turn 30! Eeek! 

I’ve been living in a little bubble all summer (hence my lack of updates), hoping it would last forever.. And here we are a few days away from starting work.. We’ve had a lovely summer celebrating my babies first birthday, my sister in laws wedding, and our first family holiday! We’ve also welcomed two baby cousins for Sami which has been amazing. I’m just not ready for it to end! But we do have some exciting things ahead for our little family (more on this another time). 

I’m just going to soak up these precious moments for one last week..and by that I mean the sun as I am loving this Indian summer.. Speak to you on the other side..

Hurray for Friday!

It sounds strange I know, to be thankful for Friday, when ‘everyday is a holiday’. It makes me chuckle when people refer to my maternity leave as a holiday, I don’t bother with a witty response anymore, but have to smile to myself. 

This weekend, I am looking forward to a nice break and hopefully a lie in. My husband has been away for most of the week, and I have missed the little bit of me time I get when he is here. A five minute shower, or time to cook without entertaining Sami at the same time. Even just going to the loo without having my little monkey right next to me. 

Anyway this week, I’m even more thankful for the weekend, as firstly it means I might if I’m super lucky, get a lie in tomorrow. By lie in I mean sleeping in until 9am, after changing and feeding my monkey at 7am! Secondly, his new found mobility of rolling all over the place has made my life wayyyyyy less chilled. And thirdly on Wednesday I had my first ‘keep in touch’ day which I swear I am still recovering from. This is how it went..

For those of you who have read my previous posts, my monkey won’t take my expressed milk from a bottle, and is not a fan of food, so all of his nutrition comes exclusively from me. This meant that I had to give him his late morning 10am feed prior to leaving for work, and be back for 3pm for his next one. This already made me feel abit paranoid about the day, and what my colleagues would think about my baby being so dependant on me at nearly 11 months old. I made this worse by explaining this to every single person I spoke to when I got there, and was greeted with lots of advise and sympathy.. Not what I wanted! 

Secondly, I had nothing to wear. When we moved in last year, I never unpacked my work clothes as wouldn’t be needing them for awhile, and last month I foolishly gave them all to charity when I was having a ‘fat’ day, thinking I’d never fit into them, even though in reality I am still the same size. I may be the same size, but I have way more lumps and bumps so I couldn’t find anything to wear that I felt comfortable in, and in the end opted for black jeans..So this made me even more paranoid. 

And lastly, it was super stressful getting us both ready in the morning, sorting lunches, getting my monkey to fall asleep at my mums so I could leave knowing he’d have his morning nap (he only sleeps with me too), and getting to the meeting as early as I could (11.20am in the end), knowing I’d be walking in super late as it started at 9.30am). Then I had to do it all again at the end of the day. I rushed back to pick my monkey up, fed him and get him down for his afternoon nap. By this point it was 4pm I was absolutely shattered, and hadn’t sorted out dinner! My first thought was, how do mums do this every day! To all you mums out there who work, you are amazing!

I didn’t get anything out of the day itself, I spent the whole time talking about my monkey and showing his pics off, and drinking coffee to stay awake. I did however decide, I don’t want to do this come September, and I’ll be thinking hard about what part time hours I choose. 

Despite my not so nice time keeping in touch with work, I’ve had a super special week as Sami has not only discovered his mobility, but he now says ‘Mama’ and means it, and it just melts my heart.. I’ll be wearing my Selfish Mother ‘mama’ sweat with even more pride 😍.  

Happy weekend everyone!