What’s in my hospital bag..

Third time round you’d think I’d be a pro at packing a hospital bag, but this time round I have left it SO last minute (I finished it yesterday at 38 weeks), and I’ve packed a little more this time as I’m anticipating a slightly longer stay this time, (previously only stayed for 24 hours with both of the boys)..

So what’s inside??

I actually have two bags!

I’ve packed my grey Pacapod nappy rucksack for the babies essentials, and a small weekend trolley for my things, and this is what I have packed:

My bag:

  • Breastpads (supermarket branded)
  • Maternity pads
  • Disposable maternity briefs (mine are from Tesco but most supermarkets do them as do boots!
  • Cotton dressing gown
  • Maternity pjs from Jojo Maman Bebe
  • Spare pjs
  • Maternity leggings x 2 pairs
  • 2 baggy tops
  • Nursing bra
  • Nursing dress from Lily & Ribbon (for leaving the hospital)
  • Nursing top
  • Socks
  • Hairbrush
  • Lansinoh nipple cream
  • Face towel
  • Mini toiletries of everyday essentials including toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hand, face & body wipe
  • Hand gel
  • Shower cap
  • Flip flops
  • Carrier bags for dirty clothes

For labour:

  • Spray bottle (to spray water on me if I need to cool down)
  • Lip balm (gas & air can make your lips dry)
  • Hair bands

To grab on the day

  • Snacks
  • Phone charger
  • Hospital notes
  • Tens machine (I’ve got the Mama Tens which I brought from amazon, but you can also hire them from mothercare, and local pharmacies/ websites).

So whats in the baby’s bag:

  • 3 x muslins
  • 5 x unisex sleepsuits
  • 5 x vests
  • 3 x cotton hats
  • 1 x blanket
  • 1 x cardigan
  • 12 nappies
  • Water wipes
  • Nappy sacks
  • Child’s farm nappy cream
  • Disposable nappy mats (so handy for changing baby on your hospital bed)

I live about a five minutes drive from the hospital so if I have an extended stay I can just get somebody to grab me more from home. Feel ALOT more prepared now everything’s packed! Just a waiting game now!

What’s in my hospital bag?Β 

So this week I finally did the one thing I’ve been avoiding.. I packed my hospital bag! Or rather, my hospital bags, as just like last time I have a bag for me and a bag for the baby…

Last time I did loads of research and spent loads of time deciding what to pack. I stayed in hospital for 24 hours and used barely any of it and the one thing I wanted I hadn’t packed.. my phone charger lol! 

As I have a habit of overpacking, this time I went through my old list and made a new list of what I feel are the essentials.. the hospital is five minutes from home so if we end up staying longer etc then I’m not worried.

What’s inside my bag? 

For labour:

  • Hair bobbles 
  • Bikini top and a baggy tshirt (hoping for a water birth)
  • Water spray.. I got the Avenue Eau thermale spray from boots 
  • Lip balm.. gas and air makes your lips dry! 
  • Snacks (will sort this on the day)
  • Hospital notes 
  • Tens machine
  • Camera
  • Phone charger 

For my hospital stay:

  • A cotton dressing gown.. it gets so hot on the wards so I didn’t want a full blown robe
  • Slippers.. the hospital bathroom facilities are yucky! 
  • A nightie.. I’ve packed one with buttons for easy feeding
  • PJ’s.. again I’ve packed buttoned down pjs. And grabbed a Β£12 bargain from Boux Avenue. I like warm pjs, but if you don’t and the wards are warm, they have nightie versions too πŸ™‚ 
  • An outfit to go home in.. leggings and a baggy top! 
  • Socks
  • Towel 
  • Toiletries.. miniatures of things I use daily for my face/hair 
  • Toothbrush
  • Deodorant 
  • Hands, face and body wipes
  • Knickers.. including disposable maternity briefs 
  • Disposable breast pads 
  • Lanisoh 
  • Nursing bra’s 

I’m rather pleased with how it’s all fit nicely into a small weekend bag. I don’t feel as though I’ve overpacked this time:) 

What’s inside my babies bag?

The most exciting part about my babies bag is the bag itself. I treated myself to a new changing bag and went for the Tiba + Marl Elwood in quilted black. So excited to use this! It’s so nice that I’m almost thinking it’s too nice to take to the hospital and may repack! Here’s what’s inside:

  • 4 sleepsuits.. I’ve gone for some newborn, and some early/tiny baby as Sami was teeny tiny
  • 4 vests 
  • Nappies x 10
  • Cotton pads (I use cotton wool and water for nappy changes)
  • Water wipes 
  • Handful of nappy sacks
  • Travel size sudocrem
  • 2 disposable change mats 
  • Socks 
  • Hats x 2
  • Scratch mitts x 2
  • Going home outfit 
  • Snow suit 
  • Blanket 

In addition these are my must have’s for labour.. 

  1. A tens machine.. they are literally amazing. My last labour was back to back and I used it alllll day and night until I left for hospital 
  2. A ball to bounce on. I had a bright green davina one and bounced through my contractions
  3. Water spray
  4. Lip balm
  5. Snacks

Last time I used the tens machine and bouncy ball to get me to 9cm dilated at home, hoping they’ll be as useful this time. 

    All of that fits so nicely in my lovely new mum bag.. it’s all starting to feel so real now and a huge weight has been lifted now that I know my bags are ready. I keep telling my husband that the baby is coming soon, but he’s not convinced. For now it’s a waiting game..

    My labour ‘must haves’
    My cute new Boux Avenue pj’s
    My new mum bag 😍😍😍

    The end is near.. 35 week bumpdate

    I’ve been pretty quiet updating my blog as we’ve spent the last few weeks sick with coughs, colds and generally feeling ill. We get better for a day or so, before catching another bug. The worse part is, your limited in medication when your pregnant. So yes, I’ve been feeling very sorry for myself lately, and my little monkey who despite being ill too is still in good spirits and full of energy. I’m lucky enough to have my family around to help, as there was one week I literally couldn’t get out of bed, and typically that was the week I had annual leave from work.. talk about timing. 

    So anyway, we made it to 35 weeks! I’m starting to feel like the baby could make an appearance at any time, so am frantically trying to get my house in order while I can. In other words, nesting has well and truly kicked in! 

    Those of you who have read my blog for a while will know we moved into our home the day I went into labour with Sami, therefore I never got to unpack and organise our things properly. I was very lucky to have my sister unpack everything for me, but with Sami never spending more than a few hours apart from me until he was 14 months old in September (exclusively breastfed and a bottle refuser), I never had the time to organise the house. When he finally gained independence and started nursery, I went back to work three days a week, and did not want to spend my days off doing chores..

    I have spent the last week frantically getting all these jobs done. My kitchen cupboards are now super organised, my (many wardrobes) are organised and decluttered, Sami’s wardrobes have been reorganised to make space for the babies clothes and I’ve tackled the walk in wardrobe. I’m feeling a lot less stressed about the house situation but still really need to start preparing for this little baby that will be with us imminently! I still have to pack a hospital bag, and need to get some clothes ready and washed! 

    We haven’t brought a single thing for this baby as we’re hoping to use most of the things we already have. However, I do need to get a few things, so that’s next on the to do list once my hospital bag is packed. Whenever I get a little stressed at the situation, I just think back to last time and the fact my husband was assembling our bed, the crib and all other essentials as I was in Labour, whilst our carpets where being laid and our possessions were being unloaded from the removal van. It can’t possibly be any worse this time! We have a crib, we have Nappies and clothes, and breast milk on tap! That’s all the essentials covered! 

    So anyway I’ve turned this into an essay already, here’s my 35 week bump update…

    Total weight gain: 1 stone 1 pound! Hardly put anything on this pregnancy but I was a stone heavier to begin with

    How big is the baby: No idea, but bump is measuring as 32 weeks, so we may have a baby that is even tinier than Sami was

    Sleep: Still not had a full nights sleep since Sami was born. Baby number two wakes me with kicks, or I can’t get comfy, or I need the loo. On top of this I have been experiencing extreme itchiness, which is worse at night. Lucky me..(itchiness in pregnancy can be a sign of Obstetric Cholestatis so make sure you get it checked out if you experience this). I can’t wait to ditch the pregnancy pillow and sleep on my front again πŸ™‚ 

    Belly button: Still in, just about. Last time it stayed well and truly in the whole pregnancy

    Stretch marks: Luckily I’ve not noticed any to date, hoping to be stretch mark free like last time 

    Maternity clothes: Still wearing my normal clothes coupled with maternity leggings or tights, so have done well not to need a new wardrobe again

    Favourite moment this week: Watching my little monkey take his first few steps, hoping to see him walk sometime soon 

    Cravings: None, I’m still not convinced these even exist

    Labour signs: None.. thankfully it’s too early and too much to do, baby is head down for now and I have major braxton hicks

    Most looking forward to: The start of maternity leave, only two weeks (that’s 6 working days for me) to go… 

    oh and we have picked a name :):) 

    Hospital bag essentials..Β 

    At 38 weeks, I still have no house to move into (it’s still not ready-boohoo), but I do have my hospital bags packed and ready (that’s right I have two bags, one for me, one for baby).

    For myself, I have packed a Tripp weekend Trolley as I figured it will be easier to carry around, and for baby, I have opted for the Paca Pod Hastings Lite changing bag. I chose this bag based on the various reviews I have read and the fact it is small and compact, has different sections so is easy to organise, and the best part is its neutral colour (driftwood) which makes it unisex, which means hubby can also carry it! 

    So, once I had the actual bags ready, I searched the net for lists of what to pack, and took a few ideas from all the different things I read, along with advice from friends, and came up with my own list. My list comes in two parts, one for me and one for baby: 

    My bag:

    • Hospital maternity notes 
    • Dressing gown
    • Flip flops
    • Night dress (front opening for breastfeeding)
    • Baggy tshirt
    • Two sets of pyjamas (I got cropped trousers as have a thing against hospital floors) 
    • Body lotion (incase I need a back massage during labour)
    • Tens machine 
    • Phone charger
    • Camera 
    • Going home outfit 
    • Hair bobbles 
    • Evian water facial spray, available at Superdrug
    • Nursing bra’s
    • Disposable breast pads 
    • Maternity pads 
    • Knickers (including disposable maternity knickers) 
    • Toiletries (I have packed miniatures of everything I use daily)
    • Towel
    • Hairbrush
    • Toothbrush and paste 
    • Deodorant 
    • Makeup 
    • Socks 
    • Snacks (hubby’s responsibility) 

    Baby’s bag:

    • 4 sleep suits 
    • 4 vests 
    • Baby blanket
    • Nappies (approx 15 to start with)
    • Baby wipes 
    • 3 Muslins including an extra large one for breastfeeding 
    • 2 pairs of socks  
    • 2 hats 
    • Going home outfit 
    • Snow suit (not sure if il be needing it as its summer)
    • Scratch mitts
    • 4 bottles of Aptamil first milk (incase I have trouble with breastfeeding) 

    So my bags are packed and ready, just waiting for bumpy to make an appearance now! Feeling rather anxious with the not knowing, but also hoping bumpy holds out another 10 days which is when our new home will be ready to move into (fingers crossed). Will keep you posted..