I’ve done something terrible.. 

Since my breastfeeding journey began, I have a sudden love for chocolate. I mean I’ve always liked chocolate, but I’ve always had it in moderation. But now, it’s like I just can’t control myself. Chocolate digestives are the worse, I will finish a packet over two days 😂😂. It’s shocking! I just don’t know why breastfeeding makes me so hungry and crave sugar. Or maybe it’s the lack of sleep…

Anyway, this morning it reached breaking point. I have managed to eat HALF a chocolate cream cake! What is wrong with me?! I actually feel sick thinking about it. Luckily I’ve not put on weight from my crazy appetite, but it’s meant I still haven’t lost the last stone of stubborn baby weight. And it’s so unhealthy, I’m ashamed! 

So anyway, as of today I am going cold turkey. No more chocolate for a month! Wish me luck..