It happened…

Sooo, just as I dreaded, not long after I posted my last update, my little bear started fighting his naps, and for the last week or so I’ve been giving him a hand in getting to sleep. 

He will not feed (still EBF) unless tired or sleepy, otherwise he is distracted by everything else around him. And so, he is not feeding much in the day, but is making up for it at night. Recently, he is up every 2-3 hours at night, which he had NEVER done 😂😂😂. 

He is also teething which I think may be impacting his sleep, so I am just going to go with it for now, and pray everything goes back to normal soon. We’re getting better the last few days/ nights so I may start to be strict again soon. 

I just knew as soon as I uploaded my last post, that I was speaking prematurely and things would go back to normal. That will teach me to speak too soon! 

Sleep like a baby

Whoever came up with the phrase ‘sleep like a baby’ obviously has never had a baby. My baby does not know how to sleep. I know that sounds strange, but let me explain..

When my baby is tired and wants a nap, he doesn’t want to stop enjoying himself, he is too busy taking in his surroundings and having a good time. He then becomes overtired but is too overstimulated to sleep. This results in a FULL BLOWN tantrum. When I say tantrum, I mean kicking, crying and screaming, uncontrollably. This lasts from an hour to four hours and is heart wrenching. 

It took me up until three weeks ago to realise that sleep was behind the tantrums, so the first thing I did on making this revelation was to read up on sleep training (and in particular for naps as bedtime was no problem). Unlike nighttime, I didn’t have a ‘naptime routine’ which wasn’t helping matters. So I decided on a routine similar to bedtime, and embarked on ‘nap training’ my baby.

And let me tell you, it worked like magic, the very first time. I couldn’t believe it. By day three, Sami was falling asleep by himself for every single nap, I wanted to pinch myself, it was too good to be true, how could it have been this easy all along? And then the bubble burst.. Boohoo. 

By day 5 Sami was clued up on what would happen at nap time, and decided he preferred mummy to put him to sleep, and it all went pear shaped. Sami was suffering from a cold, so I didn’t have the heart to continue, despite knowing that this was normal behaviour and I needed to persevere. To make matters worse, since a trip away to see his family on my husbands side, he’s decided he doesn’t want to sleep at night either and now wakes multiple times, just when I thought I had it all sussed.

So for now, I am going against the advise of all the experts and putting my baby to sleep, because he needs me and I can’t prolong his agony watching him struggle to get to sleep any longer. Night time is still hit and miss, so I am concentrating on getting him back to a good nighttime routine. I never wanted to be one of those mums who couldn’t do anything because they didn’t want to mess with their babies routine. But now I’m a mother I get it, 5 days away from home and I’m still paying for it three weeks later. 

To add to the situation, Sami has outgrown his Sleepyhead and he is really missing it at night, his cot is just too big for him to get cosy.This is by far the best thing we ever got for Sami and I truly believe it was what helped him sleep so well for 3.5 months. The clocks going back have also meant Sami’s morning starts at 5am😭😭. As I’m starting with the whole bedtime thing again, I am getting Sami’s nursery finalised so that we can move him to his own room in the next few weeks.. Keep your fingers crossed for me.