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Outfit of the week

So this week we had yet another wedding meaning another ‘formal’ feeding friendly outfit to find. As I didn’t have time to get to the shops, I had massss of online deliveries arrive all week, and finally caught a moment when both babies were napping to try it ALL on and settled for this lovely outfit.. 

Both the top and skirt are from Asos and both items are currently half price.. I’ve added the links below.. 

Embellished white top
Metallic Skirt
I felt great and the outfit was perfect for feeding in which was ideal as my little monkey wouldn’t drink the expressed milk I had taken for him! 

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Outfit of the week 

As the weather has been so unpredictable and cold lately I’ve had to dig out clothes from my autumn/winter wardrobe. Summer hurry up please. 

This black jumpsuit from Asos (from the Asos White collection) is perfect for this weather and really really easy to feed in as it has a zip down front. I wore a tshirt underneath for OUOD (one up one down) for even more discrete feeding. Oh and I’m still loving my current favourite mum shoes, my leather converses 😍.

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A tiny bit addicted to…

Since becoming a mum, I have become increasingly addicted to online shopping. It started with clothes when I couldn’t get out the house easily to find nursing friendly clothes, but now I’m a full blown addict. I used to hate shopping online before! 

Now I buy EVERYTHING online.. household items, babies clothes and everyday bits, my clothes, toys, presents, the food shop, and I think I hit an all time record yesterday when I ordered shampoo and conditioner 😂.

It’s gotten so bad that the DPD delivery guy has been here every day for the last week, and that’s the same DPD guy every time. It’s got to the stage where I now request for the parcel to be left in the porch so that I don’t have to face him..

And don’t get me started on returns. The lady in the post office must also think I’m crazy, returning a parcel back to ASOS nearly every day! I never even used to like ASOS. 

This morning I have already placed three online orders with Zara. That’s my other problem, I can’t just decide in one go, I keep going back and place multiple orders. Oh and ladies if you didn’t know, the sale is now on, and I’ve snapped up some bargains! 

I think I need to get out the house more and go to actual shops, it’s just kind of hard when you have a baby to entertain constantly. Speaking of baby, he’s finally awake so I better get up. We have a super exciting day today.. He’s going to meet his new best friend for life..