We love Fridays..

I love Fridays! Even though I am currently a ‘stay at home mum’ and apparently everyday is Friday. 

I love Fridays because, on Fridays we go swimming. I like  seeing my monkey splashing around in the water, he loves it and it makes me happy! 

I still get happy about the weekend, as it means we get to spend quality time with all our family and friends. So yeah, even though everyday is a holiday (yeah right) for me, we still live for Fridays and the weekend. But why is it that every single Friday, my little man decides that he does not want to nap on time and therefore I have to wake him up for swimming and rush him home straight after for his next nap. 

Today, it took almost two hours for him to have his morning nap, I kept finding him blowing raspberries to himself in his cot! He has finally fallen asleep and in exactly 36 minutes I will need to wake him up and will then have fifteen minutes to get him ready for swimming.. Being a mum has taught me to do everything super super quick!

Happy Friday everyone.. 


It happened…

Sooo, just as I dreaded, not long after I posted my last update, my little bear started fighting his naps, and for the last week or so I’ve been giving him a hand in getting to sleep. 

He will not feed (still EBF) unless tired or sleepy, otherwise he is distracted by everything else around him. And so, he is not feeding much in the day, but is making up for it at night. Recently, he is up every 2-3 hours at night, which he had NEVER done πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. 

He is also teething which I think may be impacting his sleep, so I am just going to go with it for now, and pray everything goes back to normal soon. We’re getting better the last few days/ nights so I may start to be strict again soon. 

I just knew as soon as I uploaded my last post, that I was speaking prematurely and things would go back to normal. That will teach me to speak too soon! 

Sleep training update. Six weeks laterΒ 

Wow, I can’t believe it has been six weeks since I started sleep training. I have been nervous about writing this update, as I feel as soon as I ‘speak’ this out loud, it will all go pear shaped. 

I feel like I’ve been hiding away in a deep dark hole.. All in aid of getting my little bear to sleep by himself. As he sleeps every two hours, I try to be at home for every nap time, as I don’t want him falling asleep in the car or pram to jeapordise the progress he has made. I never wanted to be ‘one of those mums’, but trust me it all changes when your actually here and you’d do anything to get a little bit more sleep and sanity! 

So anyway, back to how we’ve got on with sleep training.. For the last month, my little cutie has managed to put himself to sleep at every bedtime and every nap time (bar a couple of times when I’ve had to help or we have been out and about). 

It sounds amazing, but it hasn’t been easy, and sometimes this can take up to an hour for him to actually drift off. Albeit, for the first week he would drift away no problem, no fuss, no drama, and without me needing to return to his cot to calm him back down. I’ve put this down to him testing me to see if I mean business. Nearly every bed/ nap time, he tries he’s luck to get me to put him to sleep instead. So this is what I have learnt:

  • You need to stay calm! If you aren’t, your baby will pick up on it for sure. 
  • My baby needs to be happy and relaxed before he can drift off, so he has to be smiley and in a good mood when I put him down, and I often use a slow song to relax him. If he gets worked up because he can’t sleep, I have to get him happy again before I can leave him.
  • He often wants me to sit next to his cot while he peacefully drifts away.
  • He likes the room to be dimly lit whilst falling asleep, but dark for the rest of the night.
  • White noise is a gods send! My baby is a light sleeper, so it really helps to block out the noises in the rest of the house. 
  • You need to stick to your guns. If he really won’t sleep at naptime then eventually I draw a line and wait for the next nap.

I am really pleased with our progress so far, even though he wakes more at night the past fortnight. A self soothing baby does not mean a baby who will sleep through! I’m not so fussed though for now, and will see what happens once he’s weaned. I’m also not getting my hopes up as feel  anything could happen and result in us reverting back to old ways. For now I am going to keep being persistent.. Wish me luck 

2 weeks later.. Sleep training updateΒ 

It’s been two weeks since we started sleep training. I am pleased to say I am getting a lot more sleep, but due to my poor little bear suffering from a bug the last week, I haven’t been sticking to my guns as strictly as I would have liked. 

For the first 6 days I was strict in making sure he fell asleep alone at bedtime and every night waking. It was hard work but it was paying off. From day one, he drastically reduced the number of times he woke. However, now that he is ill when he wakes during the night and he’s poor little nose is struggling so hard to breathe, I can’t help but help him out.. After all that’s what mummy’s are for.. 

My baby is back to sleeping one long stretch a night (most nights), which averages between 4 and 6 hours, he then wakes once or twice. On two occasions he has managed 9 hours straight which is just amazing. 

However, we are still struggling with very early starts. He’s just too eager to get up and play. This has improved, but we’ve had a handful of nights were he’s woken at 5am, and two occasions were he has woken at 4am (this morning being one of them)πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I will tackle this problem once we have a fully self soothing baby! (Oh and once naps are sorted too).

So, all in all I am pleased with the progress we have made so far, but don’t want to get my hopes up yet as anything can happen, and my munchkin still prefers mummy to put him to sleep. I am just so relieved that the waking up every 2 hours has vanished for now, but I’ll be praying this carries on.. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Sleep training.. Day 2

I had a feeling that last night would be harder then the first night, as I still thought it was just a fluke. So this is how last night played out: 

6.50pm: Sami put himself to sleep after three ‘pick up put downs’

9.00pm: I went to bed, expecting to be woken by 9.30pm, his usual wake up time.

12.40am: Sami was very quietly stirring, but trying to go back to sleep.

12.50am: I felt sorry for him and gave him a feed, he was starving! 

1.02am: Put Sami back down (very sleepy at this point)

1.05am: I could hear him quietly trying to settle himself, I knew he’d manage, so I peacefully drifted off.

3.54am: I heard quiet stirring again, and Sami trying to sleep. 

4.06am: I convinced myself he needed a feed so went in and fed him. He was starving so I’m glad I did.

4.15am: Left him awake and happy, he spent the next 45 minutes trying his very best, I went in three times and picked him up and put him down and every time I did he had wind or a burp. This was stopping him from sleeping I thought. 

5.00am: I really just wanted him to sleep at this point so comforted him back to sleep ( I couldn’t help it he’s doing so well). 

5.30am: I put him back down and he woke up smiling, laughing and ready to play. He was so happy that I gave in and got him up. Il tackle his early wakings after we have sorted his initial sleep problems.

After a horrendous two weeks, even though I haven’t followed it to the book, I am so happy with the progress we have made. I just hope I can continue to follow it through and can get past day 5, as that’s when Sami regressed when trying to nap train last month.