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Outfit of the week 

So this week we attended a wedding and I had the dilemma of what to wear that I could also easily breastfeed in (and hide my mum tum in 😂). 

I found this lovely wrap dress from River Island.. as it was wrapped at the front it was easy to feed in without having to take the dres off! Perfect!

Apologies for the poor images, these were taken at the very end of the night after running around with a screaming baby for pretty much the entire wedding! 

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Outfit of the week.. 

Soo last week I slipped up and didn’t do an outfit post.. blame the two mini men in my life, so hard to catch a break and even harder to get anybody to take a photo for you when you spend the majority of your time with two little people! 

But this week I’m back on it.. here is my favourite breastfeeding friendly outfit of the week.. an oversized cropped sweater from Zara, paired with some high wasted jeans by Monki. I’m officially a mum now I’m in high waisted jeans.. they do a great thing by sucking EVERYTHING in, but I’m still not used to the new wider looking me 😂. 

By wearing a vest top underneath the crop it was so easy to feed in and so discreet. Wish I had known about this easy way to feed with baby number one! Oh well, you live and you learn. Have a lovely weekend people, let’s keep our fingers crossed for more sun! 

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The end is near.. 35 week bumpdate

I’ve been pretty quiet updating my blog as we’ve spent the last few weeks sick with coughs, colds and generally feeling ill. We get better for a day or so, before catching another bug. The worse part is, your limited in medication when your pregnant. So yes, I’ve been feeling very sorry for myself lately, and my little monkey who despite being ill too is still in good spirits and full of energy. I’m lucky enough to have my family around to help, as there was one week I literally couldn’t get out of bed, and typically that was the week I had annual leave from work.. talk about timing. 

So anyway, we made it to 35 weeks! I’m starting to feel like the baby could make an appearance at any time, so am frantically trying to get my house in order while I can. In other words, nesting has well and truly kicked in! 

Those of you who have read my blog for a while will know we moved into our home the day I went into labour with Sami, therefore I never got to unpack and organise our things properly. I was very lucky to have my sister unpack everything for me, but with Sami never spending more than a few hours apart from me until he was 14 months old in September (exclusively breastfed and a bottle refuser), I never had the time to organise the house. When he finally gained independence and started nursery, I went back to work three days a week, and did not want to spend my days off doing chores..

I have spent the last week frantically getting all these jobs done. My kitchen cupboards are now super organised, my (many wardrobes) are organised and decluttered, Sami’s wardrobes have been reorganised to make space for the babies clothes and I’ve tackled the walk in wardrobe. I’m feeling a lot less stressed about the house situation but still really need to start preparing for this little baby that will be with us imminently! I still have to pack a hospital bag, and need to get some clothes ready and washed! 

We haven’t brought a single thing for this baby as we’re hoping to use most of the things we already have. However, I do need to get a few things, so that’s next on the to do list once my hospital bag is packed. Whenever I get a little stressed at the situation, I just think back to last time and the fact my husband was assembling our bed, the crib and all other essentials as I was in Labour, whilst our carpets where being laid and our possessions were being unloaded from the removal van. It can’t possibly be any worse this time! We have a crib, we have Nappies and clothes, and breast milk on tap! That’s all the essentials covered! 

So anyway I’ve turned this into an essay already, here’s my 35 week bump update…

Total weight gain: 1 stone 1 pound! Hardly put anything on this pregnancy but I was a stone heavier to begin with

How big is the baby: No idea, but bump is measuring as 32 weeks, so we may have a baby that is even tinier than Sami was

Sleep: Still not had a full nights sleep since Sami was born. Baby number two wakes me with kicks, or I can’t get comfy, or I need the loo. On top of this I have been experiencing extreme itchiness, which is worse at night. Lucky me..(itchiness in pregnancy can be a sign of Obstetric Cholestatis so make sure you get it checked out if you experience this). I can’t wait to ditch the pregnancy pillow and sleep on my front again 🙂 

Belly button: Still in, just about. Last time it stayed well and truly in the whole pregnancy

Stretch marks: Luckily I’ve not noticed any to date, hoping to be stretch mark free like last time 

Maternity clothes: Still wearing my normal clothes coupled with maternity leggings or tights, so have done well not to need a new wardrobe again

Favourite moment this week: Watching my little monkey take his first few steps, hoping to see him walk sometime soon 

Cravings: None, I’m still not convinced these even exist

Labour signs: None.. thankfully it’s too early and too much to do, baby is head down for now and I have major braxton hicks

Most looking forward to: The start of maternity leave, only two weeks (that’s 6 working days for me) to go… 

oh and we have picked a name :):) 

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I dunno about you.. But I’m feeling 22 

So I finally went shopping, baby free, for the first time in eight and a half months. I was only running to the shops to exchange some shoes, I had just over an hour until I had to be back for my babies next nap, and I think I went a little haywire. It wasn’t my fault.. 

As I chatted to the beautician threading my eyebrows (another reason for the trip to town), she asked me if I was going to college that day. I laughed and explained that I am infact nearly thirty and have an 8 month old baby. She wouldn’t believe me until I showed her photos and insisted I looked so young. I was chuffed, I get this a lot, and I secretly love it. The compliment obviously got to my head.

I needed to exchange shoes in Forever 21. I don’t really shop here anymore, as the clothes are aimed at much younger ladies. I had been in a month earlier with my husbands little sister, and had picked up some shoes that day. They didn’t fit, and it was the last day to exchange or return. I never go shopping post baby as all breastfeeding friendly clothes are pretty yucky, so it literally took me until the very last day to go.

So, anyway, I walked into said shop feeling pretty pleased with myself, found the correct shoe size, and made my way to the counter. Enroute I picked a few more items in the space of about five minutes. Here’s what I got..   

When I got home, I had to laugh to myself when I looked through my haul. I was obviously feeling ’21’ when I picked these items. ‘Not your Bae’, I just about understand the word ‘bae’, having never used it, and not planning to either. And the glittery joggers were my attempt to ‘look cool’ when going for long walks with the pushchair. Its been so long since I went shopping that I think I’ve forgotten how how old I actually I am and how to shop for clothes appropriate to my age. 

The shoes and striped dress is pretty cute though, I can pull those off as ‘mum clothes’. And how cute is my personalised Kate Spade Tumbler that I grabbed from the food hall in Selfridges. Not sure why I need this but I convinced myself that it will encourage me to drink more water.   

When taking a closer look, the ‘Not your Bae’ vest has side slits so is breastfeeding friendly and will come in useful. Can’t wait to wear it with those glittery joggers and look like a teen mom 😄. When looking through my purchases and laughing to myself, couldn’t help but sing Taylor swifts ’22’ in my head. Yes I may be a mum, nearly 30, with lots of grey hair, covered in puke, and the most unglamorous I have ever felt.. but today I felt young again, so thanks randomly lady in the eyebrow place. 

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Desperately seeking some new threads..

When you are pregnant, one thing that changes vastly is your wardrobe. You opt for comfort, laziness and quite frankly anything that fits! I remember wearing lots of leggings, baggy tops and Maxi’s as I was lucky enough to be heavily pregnant in summer. I was also lucky in the fact that all of my normal clothes fit so I didn’t have to splash out on new clothes. 

Well fast forward 7 and a half months and I still want to wear clothes that are comfy, especially when I’m feeling so lazy from a long night (or string of nights or lets face it 7 and a half months of sleepless nights). However, some days I do want to feel human again, I no longer have a bump so want to wear ‘normal’ clothes. But there’s one minor problem.. Breastfeeding! 

For the first few weeks I wore ‘normal’ clothes, showing of my post partum figure (still have a stone to lose though 😂), but every time I went to feed my baby, I’d get myself into a right tangle and wish I’d left the house in something else. So, here I am, nearly eight months later wearing the same buttoned down tops over and over and over again! 

Why do all ‘nursing’ tops look like this.. 

Am I asking too much?? I want to be able to wear something other than blouses or shirts or something that resembles some kind of uniform as the picture above. I’ve stopped looking in the nursing sections as I either get tops similar to the one pictured here, or maternity clothes. I’m no longer pregnant, if I didn’t wear maternity clothes when I was, then I certainly don’t want to start now!

I don’t have time to search the shops/Internet for clothes that would be suitable, so il just continue to wear the same boring blouses for now. But I’m baffled that nothing exists to cater for new mums like me (that want something a little more trendier?). Maybe I’m just über fussy or have missed something amazing, if so, somebody please point me in the right direction as I’m new to this mum thing.. 

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Out with the old in with the new 

I’ve always been a super organised person. The kind of person that has spreadsheets for every single holiday I plan. When it came to my wedding I had multiple colour coded spreadsheets, complete with a colour coded to do list spreadsheet (a little extra I know). Despite the hectic last few months, I have tried to be as organised as I can in getting ready for Sami’s arrival. However, there was one thing I had overlooked..

I had simply not prepaired myself for the world of breastfeeding, except for purchasing the Mamascarf, which I am yet to take out of my pacapod (which speaks for itself). And I don’t mean the actual feeding. I had done my research in that department, as well as attending a dedicated NQT class. Being (usually) fashion conscious, I had forgotten to get some breastfeeding friendly clothes. Trust me, tops with tassels and studded pockets are useless, unless you want studded prints on your babies face! 

Throughout my pregnancy I had been lucky and the majority of my clothes still fit at full term (with the exception of trousers). Post pregnancy I have been even luckier, as five weeks postpartum I now fit into my old clothes (including my jeans 🙂 ). However, I still have a stone to lose to get back to my pre pregnancy weight, but I’m not too fussed about if and when that happens (lying to myself..). Being someone who likes to usually dress modestly, after two weeks of feeding in front of every female visitor, I decided enough was enough and headed into town.

Of course, before I could physically get to town, I made sure Sami had a nice long feed, had been burped and changed, which gave me approximately one and a half hours. Luckily I live a very short drive away from the city centre, and took my sister along for the ride (and assistance).

I only had time for a very short shopping spree as I was conscious Sami would then wake up and cry (more like scream) for food. I was on the look out for:

1) loose maxi dresses

2) T shirts/ blouses/ dresses that button up

3) kaftans/ cover ups (most maxi dresses/ button up tops are sleeveless which I prefer not to wear)

Being a shopping pro I was done in about 30 minutes flat and only made it to H&M. I found that H&M had lots of nice button up blouses, I have added my favourites below. In searching for the below, I discovered these are now on sale, so have ordered some more Online. 😄😄


£5 on sale at H&M
£5 on sale at h&m
£6 on sale at h&m

£9 on sale at h&m
 Sami was very well behaved and didn’t even wake until we got back into the car to head home, and we even had time for a sneaky hot chocolate 🙂

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38 weeks and still going..

So I have almost reached the home straight, but no signs of baby just yet.. Although, I have finally encountered swollen feet and as of today we now have a baby car seat (hooray). 

The reason for the swollen feet is my very active weekend for my cousins wedding. We travelled down to stourhead in Wiltshire (hospital bag in tow) on the Friday afternoon, and the horrendous rain did not bode well for the wedding the next day. I was lucky enough to be staying in a Natural Trust Cottage with the bride and two of the bridesmaids on site, which was lovely and quaint. 

Despite the rain, we decided to take a midnight stroll to check out the marquee which had already been set up for the reception the next evening. It looked magical, with lots of mood lighting, and quirky decor, making us all even more excited for the next day! 

On the morning of the wedding, we enjoyed a lovely full English breakfast with all of the other guests that had stayed on site at the Spread Eagle Inn, and then excitedly went our separate ways to get ourselves ready. 

I opted to wear a bright blue summer dress (dress details on previous post about my maternity shoot) with flat sandals, due to the rain the day before I didn’t fancy heels and my other dresses were too long for flats. And I am so glad I did! As the day involved lots and lots of walking around the beautiful grounds at stourhead. 

The ceremony took place in the Pantheon, which was built in 1753 and modelled on the Pantheon in Rome. It’s a beautiful little building which is visible from across the lake when you first enter the gardens. Enroute we also walked past a waterfall, not something I have seen in the UK before! Just as the bride and groom had said ‘I do’ the sun came out just in time for some lovely photos outside the Pantheon and lake, it really was perfect timing. 

All of the guests then took a stroll around the gardens, stopping in the grotto for a drinks reception, ending up on the other side of the lake for canapés and more photographs. The sun stayed shining and it was a lovely and relaxed atmosphere, I was amazed when I realised it was 6pm already (and took a quick opportunity to go back to the cottage and freshen up a little). 

We then moved over to the stable yard to the Marquee where the evening reception was to take place. By this point my feet had ballooned so I had decided I would be staying in my seat for the rest of the night. The evening began with some traditional speeches, I particularly enjoyed my uncles ‘father of the bride’ speech which made us all a little emotional. Dinner was traditional roast lamb with lots of trimmings and was yummy! 

The bride and groom then cut the cake and took their first dance to ‘dream a little dream of me’ by The mamas and papas. The band for the night was The Wurzels which fitted the barn theme nicely.  Even I got up for ‘combine harvester’ before I called it a night to put my poor swollen feet up. The bride and groom looked so so happy together and my cousin looked simply stunning. It was a lovely wedding and I cannot wait for future baby cousins for my little one 😄 




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Maternity Shoot

I always knew I wanted to have a maternity photoshoot early on in my pregnancy, but due to the move from London and the renovations at the new house, it’s something that’s moved to the back of my to do list. I contacted my wedding photographer, who last minute pulled me a favour, and at 37 weeks I finally had my shoot. 

I wanted long flowy dresses for my shoot, which was to take place in the garden of my new home (the inside is still a bombsite with builders galore). I trawled the Internet as I didn’t fancy a trip to the shops and settled on three outfits: 

  1. A long white tunic dress from Zara for £39.99
  2. A flowy peach dress from Mango for £34.99 
  3. A blue Micheal Kors maxi from Selfridges for £210.00 


    accessorised these outfits with flat sandals, pearl earrings, my Clic-H bangle,  and a flower headband from Zara. I was aiming for a summer boho theme. 


    I have only been sent a handful of images so far, but am extremely pleased with the memories I’ll have of being pregnant and starting our family in our new home.  I have added a sneak peak below..