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Postpartum weight loss begins 

Okay okay, so I posted about this a few weeks back and after a couple of days of eating well and losing a couple of pounds over a couple of weeks, I gave up and my diet has become out of control.

There’s a couple of reasons for this.. Firstly, breastfeeding makes me super super hungry ALL of the time. I must consume so much in a day. And secondly, I am so so busy with the boys that I just grab convieniant snacks all day as I don’t get to sit down to eat a meal until dinner. (I still have three meals they are just rushed and whilst hovering over my toddlers highchair when he has his meals). The result is I don’t just grab any snack, I go for complete and utter junk as I just need energy. I’m actually feeling sick thinking about the amount of crisps, cake, chocolate and biscuits I eat daily! 

I’m starting to feel really lethargic and not great in myself, which certainly is made worse by the lack of sleep I am getting. And, all of this junk is not good for my breastfed baby. so this time I really mean it when I say I am going to start a healthier diet.. and hope to lose some weight in the process although I won’t be calorie counting or starving myself, as after all I am breastfeeding. 

So to motivate me (seeing as my weekly outfit posts have motivated me to get out of my leggings and t shirts).. I am going to update you all with some healthy meals I am eating and my postpartum weight loss journey.

The plan is to…

  • Cut out toast for breakfast and switch to porridge
  • Limit myself to one cup of tea a day
  • Create simple and quick lunches that involve very little cooking (I get around 20 minutes when both boys are napping in the day) 
  • Cut out the crisps, chocolate, cakes, fizzy drinks! 
  • Stick to my normal home cooked dinner

So day one this is what I had for lunch.. there was no cooking involved, unless you count boiling an egg.. but my toddler was at nursery so I had the time to think and make this.. 

My ‘snack pack lunch’ consisted of:

  • 2 hard boil eggs 
  • Cucumber sticks
  • Cherry tomotoes 
  • 30g of mature cheese 
  • Red grapes 
  • A teaspoon of peanut butter

In total this came to 400 calories and had 22.8g of Fat, 23.8g of carbs and 22.2g of protein… As I said, I am not calorie counting but I’ve included this for anyone who is interested. 

Let’s hope tommorrow when I’m home alone with both babies I still manage to keep this up! Wish me luck! 

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Post baby diet starts NOW

Okay so I’ve been saying for some weeks now that the healthy eating has started, BUT after weighing myself last week and realising I have put on 4 POUNDS after losing the initial baby weight, this time I’m really really going to try. 

I only put on a stone with this pregnancy but I still had a stone to lose from pregnancy number one when I fell pregnant, so in total I am just over a stone larger than I’m used to. Breastfeeding makes me super super hungry and lack of time and preparation leaves me reaching for sugary snacks. I have consumed probably a dozen packs of digestive biscuits in the last 12 weeks, it’s actually embarrassing! I’m going to be realistic and hope to lose up to half a stone, as I know my appetite is crazy as a breastfeeding mum. 

We have so many summer weddings and events that I really do want to do something about it now. So I am writing this post with the aim that it will motivate me to stick to it and update any progress. So, as I write this I am 9 stone 7 pounds.. wish me luck! 

Fruit taken from my fruit bowl which is almost rotting due to non consumption 😂
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The new ‘diet’.. Taking baby steps 

I think I must be the only mum to lose most of my baby weight withing weeks of giving birth, only to pile it back on again! Now that summer is here I am not enjoying trying to squeeze into my old wardrobe. That coupled with trying to find outfits that I can also breastfeed in, is just making me feel very mumsy 😂. 

I’ve never really needed to diet or lose much weight in the past. So this is really hard for me. I haven’t been really good the last couple of days but I have taken some baby steps, so that’s progress. This is what I have done.. 

Firstly, I have downloaded my fitness pal, so atleast I have some awareness of what I am eating. It’s actually a shocker! Breastfeeding makes me super hungry and so does being so super tired all the time. Im hoping being more aware of what I am eating will help me make healthier choices. 

They lie when they tell you breastfeeding makes you lose weight. Sure, it is true to begin with, but not if you actually want to maintain breastfeeding! My little fatty doesn’t eat solids properly yet either so I am pretty much exclusively breastfeeding a nearly 11 month old baby! Feel like the only person in the world doing this, and it is HARD! 

I’ve also done a super healthy supermarket shop and am hoping to have healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks, and then eat my usual home cooked dinners. This has worked for breakfast and lunch so far, but as my husband is away at the moment I’ve become a bit relaxed when it comes to cooking dinner and last night I did something really bad..I went to the Maccy’s drive through and that was my dinner.. Disgusting! 

I’ve also promised myself to take my baby out in the pushchair for a walk once a day. I used to do this, until he started taking nice long naps at home. Need to get back on this. 

So anyway, that’s my plan for the next few weeks, oh and drinking lots more water as my skin looks so tired and drained all of the time. Wish me luck.. 


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Summer is here..

Last week we had rain, hail and April! You just have to laugh at british weather. This week we have glorious sun, and it’s amazing. This must be what it feels like to live somewhere warm. 

Me and my monkey have been taking full advantage of this glorious weather with lots of nice strolls, visits to our local park and lunching in our garden. What a posh baby. 

Today we used our new picnic blanket for the first time. It was a bargain at £6.99 from T K Maxx, and I just love the print. I made a quick lunch for myself (Avocado on toast with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, with a drizzle of balsamic). I literally piled it all on some toasted ‘bloomer’ sliced bread, with a little lemon juice and pepper for good luck.

The boy is still being fussy when it comes to food, and we are completely trying baby led weaning now, since he refuses anyone putting anything in his mouth! He is very strong willed already and he is only 10 months old! So for him,  I chopped bite size peices of mozzarella and tomato with some finger sized toasted bread with avacodo.  And this was our lunch.. 

It was yummy, and I could have eaten more. My monkey on the other hand had a play with all of the flavours and sucked on a few pieces before getting bored. Surely one day he will actually eat?!

It was lovely to sit and enjoy the garden, (despite it being a tad overgrown). It certainly needs some TLC and the husband needs to get back on mowing the lawn. We moved in the day I gave birth, I was far too busy nursing a newborn and don’t think I even stepped outside. I was missing out..   

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Diet fail..

For anyone who read my last post about giving up chocolate.. Here’s a quick update.. I FAILED. And when I say I failed, I don’t mean I’ve cheated and had a few bits here and there, I have failed miserably! Whoever thought trying to give up choclate just before Easter would be a good idea? 

It’s about time I finally admit to myself that I have piled on the pounds since I lost most of my pregnancy weight. It’s creeped up on my slowly. Its not helped that we still didn’t have a mirror in our (not so new) house until this month, the batteries in our bathroom scales have ran out and my baby naps like an angel so we no longer go on daily marathon walks. 

To make things worse, two people have asked me wether I am pregnant  over the weekend. How rude! Even if you think it keep it to yourself! To be fair one misheard and thought I was pregant but one actually came up to me at a crowded party just to ask me. So it’s getting serious now. The month of April involves zero chocolate for me… This time I mean business.