My DIY cake smash

I have been meaning to publish this post for literally ever. But life has got in the way.. Oh and we’ve been away for a month, yes a MONTH. But more on that another time. 

When I told people I was doing a cake smash for Sami’s first birthday, my friends and family didn’t really get it. They’ve obviously been living on another planet, because everyone is doing them these days. I however did not want to fork out £150+ to get a professional photo shoot done.. So I decided to do it myself, and here’s how:

The outfit:

I originally picked a mint green bow tie and nappy cover from Etsy to go with my colour scheme, but daddy was not impressed when I brought Sami downstairs on the morning of the cake smash. Luckily I had an outfit for his first birthday BBQ ready, so quickly changed him into that and thank god it went perfectly with the colour scheme.

The setting:

I decided to do the cake smash outdoors for a couple of reasons. Firstly, less mess in the house and less to clean up after, and secondly I felt I had a better shot at getting the photos right. Also, I wanted to keep the setup simple and felt this was a lot easier in the garden with lots of greenary as a natural setting, with a few added touches. I ordered a couple of props online, a hessian canvas cloth, a wooden crate and some wooden letters/numbers. I also digged out some leftover wedding party decorative balls and a banner. My main aim was to keep it simple, I didn’t want it to look overdone or cheesy. 

The cake: 

I initially looked to order one, but couldn’t justify the cost for a cake that was going to mainly go to waste. The whole point of a DIY cake smash was to save money so I just couldn’t bring myself to spend fifty odd quid on one. Thankfully my sister stepped in and she did a marvellous job of icing her first cake. 

Then all I needed was a happy baby.. And here’s the bit I didn’t plan for. My baby just was NOT interested. Whatsoever. Any photos of him touching/eating/ playing with the cake had to be staged. This got me thinking, do any one year olds really go for the cake or are they all staged?? I’d love to know.. Answers on a postcode please.. 

I’m really pleased with how my pictures turned out and so happy I didn’t fork out loads of ££.. Here’s some tips on doing your own:

  • Keep it simple, and I mean SIMPLE. Too many probs and objects can make the photos too crowded and tacky. Less is definitely more in this case. 
  • A happy baby makes better pictures.. I did my shoot straight after Sami’s morning nap so I knew he wouldn’t be tired or grumpy. 
  • I also picked morning as I didn’t want too much sun in the pictures. In the end it was a pretty miserable day but you can’t tell in the photos. 
  • Increase the ISO on your camera as your baby will not sit and pose nicely, you will be taking moving action shots, and if the ISO is too low you will end up with blurry photos. 
  • Lower your expectations. I really thought my baby was going to have so much fun, I wasn’t prepared for how he actually reacted. Be prepared for this, so that you are not too disappointed. It’s maybe not a good idea to do it at their birthday party with an audience incase of a negative reaction. 
  • Don’t over worry/ over think things like the cake or outfit. The cake doesn’t have to be perfect, minor blemishes won’t show in the pictures. In hindsight I am so glad I didn’t stick to my original outfit (well half naked baby) as it just wouldn’t have looked as good. 

I’ll leave you with some photos to enjoy.. 


    My Baby Shower 

    Thanks to my lovely sister,  I was able to enjoy a lovely baby shower with my close friends and family. As I had family coming from other cities, we opted to hold this on a bank holiday weekend (a little earlier than I initially wanted), so my baby shower took place when I was 32 weeks.

    I am so glad we took this decision, as the prep took two full days and a day to recover and clear up afterwards. I sat back and relaxed, whilst my sister and cousins took care of this (very lucky me).

    We decided on a semi afternoon tea theme. My sister and Cousin S took care of the menu and baked all of the cakes/ treats the day before along with other members of the family. On the menu was; baby themed shortbreads, chocolate brownies, themed cupcakes, lemon and blueberry trayback, mini trifles, mini baked strawberry cheesecake, scones with cream and jam and chocolate dipped strawberries.. It was all delicious and looked dreamy!

    My sister also suprised me with a two tiered baby shower cake, which matched the theme and rest of the decor perfectly. She did a grand job of decorating my mums conservatory, with most of the decor handmade with the materials from Hobbycraft, and some very cool Kilner drinks dispensers, along with various cake stands we have collected from my wedding.

    I kept the guest list small as didn’t want anything too hectic, so overall there were around 20 guests. The first activity was to decorate a patch of fabric with coloured ink, I intend to create a patchwork blanket for the nursery with the finished patches. This was a great activity for everyone to get involved in as everyone was arriving, as it was casual and allowed everyone to mingle.

    We then had a baby quiz which involved trivia on baby facts, a music round with songs with ‘baby’ in the lyrics, and guessing baby pictures of all the guests. We also played baby themed charades and had a baby themed piñata. I don’t think we could have crammed in any more baby themed games into a few hours.

    I had a lovely time at my baby shower and was extremely spoilt by my family and friends, it made the whole thing seem even more real and made me even more excited for bumpy’s arrival. I am very grateful to my sister and Cousin S, they will make great (and helpful) aunties!