What’s in my hospital bag? 

So this week I finally did the one thing I’ve been avoiding.. I packed my hospital bag! Or rather, my hospital bags, as just like last time I have a bag for me and a bag for the baby…

Last time I did loads of research and spent loads of time deciding what to pack. I stayed in hospital for 24 hours and used barely any of it and the one thing I wanted I hadn’t packed.. my phone charger lol! 

As I have a habit of overpacking, this time I went through my old list and made a new list of what I feel are the essentials.. the hospital is five minutes from home so if we end up staying longer etc then I’m not worried.

What’s inside my bag? 

For labour:

  • Hair bobbles 
  • Bikini top and a baggy tshirt (hoping for a water birth)
  • Water spray.. I got the Avenue Eau thermale spray from boots 
  • Lip balm.. gas and air makes your lips dry! 
  • Snacks (will sort this on the day)
  • Hospital notes 
  • Tens machine
  • Camera
  • Phone charger 

For my hospital stay:

  • A cotton dressing gown.. it gets so hot on the wards so I didn’t want a full blown robe
  • Slippers.. the hospital bathroom facilities are yucky! 
  • A nightie.. I’ve packed one with buttons for easy feeding
  • PJ’s.. again I’ve packed buttoned down pjs. And grabbed a £12 bargain from Boux Avenue. I like warm pjs, but if you don’t and the wards are warm, they have nightie versions too 🙂 
  • An outfit to go home in.. leggings and a baggy top! 
  • Socks
  • Towel 
  • Toiletries.. miniatures of things I use daily for my face/hair 
  • Toothbrush
  • Deodorant 
  • Hands, face and body wipes
  • Knickers.. including disposable maternity briefs 
  • Disposable breast pads 
  • Lanisoh 
  • Nursing bra’s 

I’m rather pleased with how it’s all fit nicely into a small weekend bag. I don’t feel as though I’ve overpacked this time:) 

What’s inside my babies bag?

The most exciting part about my babies bag is the bag itself. I treated myself to a new changing bag and went for the Tiba + Marl Elwood in quilted black. So excited to use this! It’s so nice that I’m almost thinking it’s too nice to take to the hospital and may repack! Here’s what’s inside:

  • 4 sleepsuits.. I’ve gone for some newborn, and some early/tiny baby as Sami was teeny tiny
  • 4 vests 
  • Nappies x 10
  • Cotton pads (I use cotton wool and water for nappy changes)
  • Water wipes 
  • Handful of nappy sacks
  • Travel size sudocrem
  • 2 disposable change mats 
  • Socks 
  • Hats x 2
  • Scratch mitts x 2
  • Going home outfit 
  • Snow suit 
  • Blanket 

In addition these are my must have’s for labour.. 

  1. A tens machine.. they are literally amazing. My last labour was back to back and I used it alllll day and night until I left for hospital 
  2. A ball to bounce on. I had a bright green davina one and bounced through my contractions
  3. Water spray
  4. Lip balm
  5. Snacks

Last time I used the tens machine and bouncy ball to get me to 9cm dilated at home, hoping they’ll be as useful this time. 

    All of that fits so nicely in my lovely new mum bag.. it’s all starting to feel so real now and a huge weight has been lifted now that I know my bags are ready. I keep telling my husband that the baby is coming soon, but he’s not convinced. For now it’s a waiting game..

    My labour ‘must haves’
    My cute new Boux Avenue pj’s
    My new mum bag 😍😍😍

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