My post baby ‘coming home’ wish list.. 

Last time I gave birth we were so focused on getting the house and everything ready for the babies arrival,  I didn’t think much about after the labour and coming home! 

So, this time I have put together a short wish list of things I’d like to come home to.. My husband is more than likely never going to read this, so I’ll be relying on my wonderful sister to pass the message on 🙂 

So here is what I’d like to come home to: 

  1. A freshly made bed.. preferably with the pregnancy pillow washed and hidden away somewhere, I’m so fed up of it I don’t want to see it for a LONG time. 
  2. A fully stocked fridge/ snack cupboard.. if I remember right I had no real appetite last time but snacked on a lot of fruit. Some nice refreshing drinks would be nice too 👍🏼
  3. A clean and tidy house 
  4. A gift! Preferably diamonds or sapphires 😋.. last time I hinted and hinted to my husband for a gift and got absolutely zilch! Not even flowers, a card or chocolates. Luckily my wonderful sister and cousin L spoilt me rotten with beautiful jewellery. 
  5. My monkey.. and this is the most important one. Hoping to come home to a happy, well fed, and well slept little monkey. It’s the first time he will be left without me so I am quite anxious about this! 

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