Pregnancy and Sugary drinks! 

So I’m sat in the hospital waiting room having just had my blood test and a sugary drink. I now have to sit and wait for a minimum of TWO hours with a room full of pregnant women (eyeing up each other’s bumps), Jeremy Kyle and a rowdy child 😂.. oh and I can’t eat or drink.. I’m pretty sure I’d rather be at work. 

I came prepared with my iPad, my work blackberry, a book and some nail varnish hoping to catch up on some blog posts and finally paint my nails. But I think I’ll save that for an hours time when I’m super bored. 

I was nearly that lady with the rowdy toddler..We got to nursery as normal this morning but when I took my monkey out of the car he was covered in sick. Uh oh, he caught the bug. I had it last week, then passed it on to my mum, who passed it on to my sister. So already late for my glucose test, with all of my babysitters out of action I was preparing myself for three hours of mayhem, trying to look after a sick toddler in a small confined and uncomfy setting. Thank god for daddy, he dropped me to the hospital just in time and took my sick monkey home. 

So back to plan A with my iPad, my book, nail varnish and phones, just wishing I could have a cup of tea and a chocolate too, and a comfy chair! It’s bizarre how things change from hospital to hospital and antenatal care. For my last pregnancy I was living in London until I was 36 weeks pregnant, and my antenatal care was at Chelsea & Westminster. Appointments were super super quick, we were in an out within an hour. It takes Birmingham Women’s 5 hours + to fit in exactly the same checks, scans and tests. It’s so frustrating I come home hating the world after every appointment. 

And the glucose test is no different, today I’ve had to come in first thing, have a blood test and a sugary drink, and then I have to sit here for potentially over two hours before having another blood test. In London I was given a drink prior to my appointment which I had to drink an hour before, followed by a blood test. And that was it! 

Although it wasn’t that simple.. I puked up the lucozade on the way to the hospital (bear in mind I hadn’t eaten since the night before), so I arrived at the hospital stinking of sick and was made to drink another bottle (which I  also nearly puked) and wait another hour before having my blood test. Just as I got home, I got a call from the hospital saying they hadn’t taken my blood properly and could I come back, to say I was unimpressed was an understatement 😂😂.. 

I just don’t think I have much luck with glucose tests, and the sugary drinks are so yucky when your already nauseous and haven’t eaten since the night’s like a pregnant women’s worse nightmare.. wish me luck that today goes better.. 

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