Sami’s going to be a big brother.. 

I’ve been super duper busy with our summer holiday, then starting back to work and my little monkey starting nursery, that I forgot to tell you all.. Sami is going to be a big brother 🙂 

Baby number two is due February 2017, which makes me 24 weeks pregnant. And OMG I cannot believe how big my bump is this time compared to last. I’m humongous. I got asked if I needed help carrying my shopping to my car yesterday, something that never happened at all in my last pregnancy.. I look like I’m ready to pop. 

My pregnancy has been relatively smooth like last time and to be honest you don’t have time to even think about being pregnant second time.. except for the huge bump which is keeping me up at night already. 

They’ll be a 20 month gap between Sami and his little brother or sister and we’re so excited to meet our new addition.. 

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