How did we get to September 

It’s been ages and ages since I’ve updated my blog. And before I’ve had enough time to properly enjoy my last summer off with my monkey.. It’s September! Boo hoo. September arriving has always seemed way off for me and I’ve been dreading it arriving.. 

September is when I return to work after 16 lovely and long months off. This also means my little monkey will be starting nursery. Something I’m excited and nervous about. But also, this September I turn 30! Eeek! 

I’ve been living in a little bubble all summer (hence my lack of updates), hoping it would last forever.. And here we are a few days away from starting work.. We’ve had a lovely summer celebrating my babies first birthday, my sister in laws wedding, and our first family holiday! We’ve also welcomed two baby cousins for Sami which has been amazing. I’m just not ready for it to end! But we do have some exciting things ahead for our little family (more on this another time). 

I’m just going to soak up these precious moments for one last week..and by that I mean the sun as I am loving this Indian summer.. Speak to you on the other side..

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