There’s an owl at the bottom of the garden.. 

You often hear people say that mums are fine tuned to hear their baby cry at night, and that a mama will always wake. In my experience this is true. My husband doesn’t even flinch when our baby cries at night, yet I wake up immediately. 

It’s not just my husband though.. Our numerous house guests rarely hear him either, and our guest room is right next to the nursery. Well, with one exception.. My mum wakes every time! I guess that’s her motherly instincts. 

So anyway, I keep waking, only to find my baby fast asleep when I check the video monitor. Just as I’m about to drift back to sleep, I hear it again, ‘too-wit too-woo’.. Turns out its not my baby its an owl! We have an owl living in our garden! Since when did owls live in the middle of cities? My body is so used to waking at any glimpse of a cry, that any high pitched noise wakes me! Yet my husband still sleeps through all the commotion! 

It’s like the owl is teasing me, he knows I’ve finally got a chance to have a nice little snooze before the next wake up, and he thinks he’ll entertain himself for the night.. So, in case you are reading this.. 

Dear Mr owl at the bottom of our garden,

Please can you stay awake during daylight hours, and sleep through the night (A tall order I know), or only wake when my little monkey wakes and you can make high pitched sounds together.. I’m missing valuable beauty sleep.. 

Many Thanks,

One very, very tired Mama. 

On a side note, how pretty is the garden looking! Thought I’d capture some snaps while the bluebells are out..  




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