It finally happened.. 

I feel like my little munchkin has been teething FOREVER.. Yet somehow we still made it to ten months old with a cute toothless smile. He looks so cute without teeth that I kind of wanted him to put it off longer. However the constant colds, upset tummies and other teething related nuisances made me want these teeth to hurry hurry! 

For the past week Sami had all of a sudden started waking multiple times a night and I just couldn’t understand why. He didn’t want to feed (usually what he wants when he wakes), instead wanted cuddles and to fall asleep on my chest. I was convinced he was going through separation anxiety, which didn’t make much sense as he is so happy and confident with all of the people he sees regularly. 

So anyway, last night I had a feel of his gums (he doesn’t let me look at them, he is very headstrong already!).. And I was suprised to feel a teeny tiny sharp tooth on his bottom gum. It finally happened, he finally got his first tooth! I don’t know why I was so excited by this, as it’s not a developmental milestone, but I was acting like an excited child! 

It made me realise my little teeny 5 pound baby is growing up so then I got all sentimental and spent the whole of this morning looking at every single photo I’ve ever taken of him! I am such a typical ‘mom’. Anyway, looking through said pictures I looked so slim and healthy and well groomed after my baby was born. Now I look like a tired mess pretty much all of the time. 

My appetite is crazy thanks to breastfeeding and I crave sugar even though I’ve never really had much of a sweet tooth before. The pounds are slowly piling on. This time I mean it when I say I am going to do something about it.. I have just over two months before my holiday and I want to feel ‘nice’ in my summer clothes by then.. 

So from today I am going to make healthier choices, try and do some kind of exercise and no more junk! I mean it this time.. 


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