We love Fridays..

I love Fridays! Even though I am currently a ‘stay at home mum’ and apparently everyday is Friday. 

I love Fridays because, on Fridays we go swimming. I like  seeing my monkey splashing around in the water, he loves it and it makes me happy! 

I still get happy about the weekend, as it means we get to spend quality time with all our family and friends. So yeah, even though everyday is a holiday (yeah right) for me, we still live for Fridays and the weekend. But why is it that every single Friday, my little man decides that he does not want to nap on time and therefore I have to wake him up for swimming and rush him home straight after for his next nap. 

Today, it took almost two hours for him to have his morning nap, I kept finding him blowing raspberries to himself in his cot! He has finally fallen asleep and in exactly 36 minutes I will need to wake him up and will then have fifteen minutes to get him ready for swimming.. Being a mum has taught me to do everything super super quick!

Happy Friday everyone.. 


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