Reverse cycling.. 

One thing I’m learning as a new mum, is that understanding my babies sleep (or lack of) is no simple matter. My baby slept like an angel, until the dreaded 4 month sleep regression when everything went pear shaped. Just when we thought we had cracked it, we hit six months and we were back to square one. 

The world was far more exciting for my little bear in daylight hours, and he just didn’t want to miss a thing. Feeding was not his priority. We tried everything, feeding in a dark, quiet room, feeding while sleepy, and even feeding in between sleep. But this little man was not interested, he’s a little nosey Parker (I joke that he gets it from daddy, but to be honest so am I). 

A growing baby refusing to feed in daylight hours can only mean one thing.. They want feeding ALL night. And boy is it tiring! My little monkey is too busy trying to grab everything in sight instead of feed. One day I was scrolling through Instagram (as you do when you are up all night and can’t go back to sleep) and came across feeding necklaces. 

I snapped one up straight away. It arrived super quick from the other side of the pond (purchases from @babybeesandpeonies via Instagram) and was packaged beautifully. Not only does it keep my baby close enough to stay feeding, it’s a great teether too. It’s made from wood and he loves chomping away at it! 

Look how pretty the packaging was..

So anyway we’ve solved one problem for now which equals one happy mummy. Now, if only we could get my boy eating solids 😂😂. 


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