Diet fail..

For anyone who read my last post about giving up chocolate.. Here’s a quick update.. I FAILED. And when I say I failed, I don’t mean I’ve cheated and had a few bits here and there, I have failed miserably! Whoever thought trying to give up choclate just before Easter would be a good idea? 

It’s about time I finally admit to myself that I have piled on the pounds since I lost most of my pregnancy weight. It’s creeped up on my slowly. Its not helped that we still didn’t have a mirror in our (not so new) house until this month, the batteries in our bathroom scales have ran out and my baby naps like an angel so we no longer go on daily marathon walks. 

To make things worse, two people have asked me wether I am pregnant  over the weekend. How rude! Even if you think it keep it to yourself! To be fair one misheard and thought I was pregant but one actually came up to me at a crowded party just to ask me. So it’s getting serious now. The month of April involves zero chocolate for me… This time I mean business. 


2 thoughts on “Diet fail..

  1. Oh gosh I can relate. I lost all of my baby weight after my marathon training. Once the race was over I slowly packed on a few pounds and was asked the same thing! I hardly think I gained enough weight to look pregnant again, but that was the fire I needed to start working out again!


    • Well done you on doing a marathon!! I think I’ve gained maybe two kg and can’t understand how I look pregnant (obv other people can see something I can’t) but it’s deffo inspired me to stop eating so much junk!!


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