Desperately seeking some new threads..

When you are pregnant, one thing that changes vastly is your wardrobe. You opt for comfort, laziness and quite frankly anything that fits! I remember wearing lots of leggings, baggy tops and Maxi’s as I was lucky enough to be heavily pregnant in summer. I was also lucky in the fact that all of my normal clothes fit so I didn’t have to splash out on new clothes. 

Well fast forward 7 and a half months and I still want to wear clothes that are comfy, especially when I’m feeling so lazy from a long night (or string of nights or lets face it 7 and a half months of sleepless nights). However, some days I do want to feel human again, I no longer have a bump so want to wear ‘normal’ clothes. But there’s one minor problem.. Breastfeeding! 

For the first few weeks I wore ‘normal’ clothes, showing of my post partum figure (still have a stone to lose though πŸ˜‚), but every time I went to feed my baby, I’d get myself into a right tangle and wish I’d left the house in something else. So, here I am, nearly eight months later wearing the same buttoned down tops over and over and over again! 

Why do all ‘nursing’ tops look like this.. 

Am I asking too much?? I want to be able to wear something other than blouses or shirts or something that resembles some kind of uniform as the picture above. I’ve stopped looking in the nursing sections as I either get tops similar to the one pictured here, or maternity clothes. I’m no longer pregnant, if I didn’t wear maternity clothes when I was, then I certainly don’t want to start now!

I don’t have time to search the shops/Internet for clothes that would be suitable, so il just continue to wear the same boring blouses for now. But I’m baffled that nothing exists to cater for new mums like me (that want something a little more trendier?). Maybe I’m just ΓΌber fussy or have missed something amazing, if so, somebody please point me in the right direction as I’m new to this mum thing.. 

6 thoughts on “Desperately seeking some new threads..

  1. I do one up, one down…I’ve bought lots of cheap strappy vests and I wear a “normal” top over the top. Then you just pull up your top top (that’s the top that’s on top πŸ™‚ lol) and pull down the vest.

    I feel your pain though…I’m still massively over my prepregnancy weight so I’m not back in my old clothes and don’t want to buy new ones. Having a tiny selection of clothes to wear really sucks! Xxx


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