Lucky number seven.. 

My little monkey is 7 months old! Seven months somehow sounds and feels so old, and so much closer to 1. I don’t want him to grow up just yet as I’m loving his adorable smiles, cuddles and cheekiness.

We’ve had a long month of weaning woes (he’s simply not interested) and the introduction of solids has coincided with him waking up so much more at night. I’m hoping that 7 is our lucky number and things will start to get easier soon. I literally don’t have the energy to write about it,  so instead I’ll leave you with these pictures of my cheeky monkey.. 

P.S he can just about sit up now, and today he waved hello for the first time and it made me so proud!  



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  1. OneBusyMama says:

    It gets easier and better! Then they talk… Lol! Mine us 7yrs (and 5)….not 7 months anymore! They grow up too fast!!


    1. itsamumsword says:

      Ahh thanks for the reassurance, I can’t wait! Two boys is lovely 🙂

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      1. OneBusyMama says:

        It’s a crazy handful but I love every minute of it!


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