Sleep training update. Six weeks later 

Wow, I can’t believe it has been six weeks since I started sleep training. I have been nervous about writing this update, as I feel as soon as I ‘speak’ this out loud, it will all go pear shaped. 

I feel like I’ve been hiding away in a deep dark hole.. All in aid of getting my little bear to sleep by himself. As he sleeps every two hours, I try to be at home for every nap time, as I don’t want him falling asleep in the car or pram to jeapordise the progress he has made. I never wanted to be ‘one of those mums’, but trust me it all changes when your actually here and you’d do anything to get a little bit more sleep and sanity! 

So anyway, back to how we’ve got on with sleep training.. For the last month, my little cutie has managed to put himself to sleep at every bedtime and every nap time (bar a couple of times when I’ve had to help or we have been out and about). 

It sounds amazing, but it hasn’t been easy, and sometimes this can take up to an hour for him to actually drift off. Albeit, for the first week he would drift away no problem, no fuss, no drama, and without me needing to return to his cot to calm him back down. I’ve put this down to him testing me to see if I mean business. Nearly every bed/ nap time, he tries he’s luck to get me to put him to sleep instead. So this is what I have learnt:

  • You need to stay calm! If you aren’t, your baby will pick up on it for sure. 
  • My baby needs to be happy and relaxed before he can drift off, so he has to be smiley and in a good mood when I put him down, and I often use a slow song to relax him. If he gets worked up because he can’t sleep, I have to get him happy again before I can leave him.
  • He often wants me to sit next to his cot while he peacefully drifts away.
  • He likes the room to be dimly lit whilst falling asleep, but dark for the rest of the night.
  • White noise is a gods send! My baby is a light sleeper, so it really helps to block out the noises in the rest of the house. 
  • You need to stick to your guns. If he really won’t sleep at naptime then eventually I draw a line and wait for the next nap.

I am really pleased with our progress so far, even though he wakes more at night the past fortnight. A self soothing baby does not mean a baby who will sleep through! I’m not so fussed though for now, and will see what happens once he’s weaned. I’m also not getting my hopes up as feel  anything could happen and result in us reverting back to old ways. For now I am going to keep being persistent.. Wish me luck 

14 thoughts on “Sleep training update. Six weeks later 

  1. We have been sleep training a couple weeks now. So far not toooo much fight. Like u say doesn’t mean sleep through but defo saving my arms with less rocking. We also nap every 2 hours and if we out and about it usually messes everything up…can i stay home every day? Lol


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