5 months old

This post is a little late (me and my munchkin have both been ill), but last week my little bear turned 5 months old. It really is crazy how quickly he is growing, and I’m loving every new stage (sounds so cliched but it’s true).

Things that are new with us:

  • My baby is teething.. Big time! Everything is in his mouth, all of the time.
  • Sami sleeps in his own room, as of two weeks ago. I do miss him but we were both waking each other up with no need (particularly me waking him).
  • He now weighs 14 pound 7oz (as of two weeks ago)
  • He’s baby babble game is strong (includes squeals and screams for attention), it’s just too cute.
  • He loves walks in his baby carrier (mainly as he can be close to mummy).
  • Sami is loving nursery rhymes and chuckles when we dance.
  • He chuckles and chuckles and chuckles, he is such a happy boy and his laugh is so infectious. He loves making people laugh. And often laughs at strangers.
  • He has discovered his feet! And he loves kicking them and watching them move.
  • He can now grab things with his hands, and grabs pretty much everything. Mummy’s hair is his favourite.
  • But, out of everything, daddy is his favourite thing in the world. He gets super excited to see and play with daddy. I love watching them.

I’m looking forward to the next month and watching my baby learn more and more cute things. I can’t believe he will be six months already!

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