Sleep training Day one Update

So last night was a totally different ball game to previous nights. Sami fell asleep all by himself with no moaning or crying (much to my amazement) by 7.05pm. By 8pm I thought I’d get into bed to catch some sleep, preparing myself for a sleepless night. But of course I couldnt sleep, as I was too eager to see if Sami would need me when he woke at his usual 9pm.

Well, 9pm came and went, excitedly I thought I’d hold out until 9.30pm.  Sami was still asleep, it was too good to be true, and so I finally drifted off to sleep. Then at 9.40pm.. bang! Sami was up and crying. After three attempts of picking him up, cuddling him, putting him back down, and whispering ‘I love you baby, it’s sleep time’ he stopped stirring. I left his room at 10pm, and didn’t hear a peep out of him.

Feeling extremely pleased I dozed off. I wanted to pinch myself when I next woke and it was 3.05am! Sami had slept 5 hours, this was the longest stretch in weeks. At 3.10am, Sami had put himself back to sleep, I was elated. But then I heard his white noise turn off (I have this playing all night and it runs for 8 hours a time). I went into his room to turn it back on and woke the poor munchkin up. So at 3.20am, I gave him a feed, put him down awake, and he was out by 3.30am! Magic! 

Sami is an early riser, and he woke at 5.45am ready to play. I usually try and put him back to sleep but I was so pleased with him I let the morning start. We had a good day, but struggled with nap time. I have decided I will not try and tackle both together, I simply don’t have the energy, and it’s night time that’s causing me more pain. 

I think I got lucky last night, but really hoping I can stick to it tonight. Sami was tired earlier then usual tonight, and so at 6.21pm he was in bed after three attempts of picking him up and putting him down, he is now out at 6.50pm.. Wish me luck 

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