Sleep training.. Day 2

I had a feeling that last night would be harder then the first night, as I still thought it was just a fluke. So this is how last night played out: 

6.50pm: Sami put himself to sleep after three ‘pick up put downs’

9.00pm: I went to bed, expecting to be woken by 9.30pm, his usual wake up time.

12.40am: Sami was very quietly stirring, but trying to go back to sleep.

12.50am: I felt sorry for him and gave him a feed, he was starving! 

1.02am: Put Sami back down (very sleepy at this point)

1.05am: I could hear him quietly trying to settle himself, I knew he’d manage, so I peacefully drifted off.

3.54am: I heard quiet stirring again, and Sami trying to sleep. 

4.06am: I convinced myself he needed a feed so went in and fed him. He was starving so I’m glad I did.

4.15am: Left him awake and happy, he spent the next 45 minutes trying his very best, I went in three times and picked him up and put him down and every time I did he had wind or a burp. This was stopping him from sleeping I thought. 

5.00am: I really just wanted him to sleep at this point so comforted him back to sleep ( I couldn’t help it he’s doing so well). 

5.30am: I put him back down and he woke up smiling, laughing and ready to play. He was so happy that I gave in and got him up. Il tackle his early wakings after we have sorted his initial sleep problems.

After a horrendous two weeks, even though I haven’t followed it to the book, I am so happy with the progress we have made. I just hope I can continue to follow it through and can get past day 5, as that’s when Sami regressed when trying to nap train last month. 

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