Here it goes.. Sleep training day one 

Last month I wrote about how my babies sleep was the bain of my life, well little did I know it was only going to get worse. A fortnight ago, we were back on track and Sami started sleeping 5+ hour stretches and even managed 4 nights in a row of 8 hour stretches, I started to have hope (albeit I didn’t want to get my hopes up too quickly). The last two weeks have been horrendous. Sami wakes every two hours like clockwork, and after 3am he wakes at unpredictable 30 minutes and 1 hour intervals. 

Last month I also pledged I was going to ride it out as my baby needs me, and I vowed to throw all of my parenting books in the bin. Well I have a fresh perspective now, or rather I am desperate for more than 2 hours sleep at a time, do you blame me? 

Having frantically searched the Internet, putting his wakefulness down to teething or a growth spurt, I have come to the conclusion none of these last this long, and actually my baby has built a sleep association with comfort feeding. When he wakes, the only way to calm him down is for me to nurse him back to sleep. When in fact he isn’t hungry and falls back to sleep within minutes, and is basically using me as a human dummy.

Tonight, I have put him down in his cot, happy and awake. As I sit here typing this in the dark, he hasn’t even stirred yet let alone cried. So at 19.04pm I am still hopeful. Although, I was hopeful yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and the day before that, when after putting himself to sleep initially, he still wanted only my comfort when he woke like clockwork. 

Tonight I am going to attempt the ‘Pick up put down method’ when he wakes. Having only read about this today, I think I have the jist of it, but I am unsure I have the willpower. Perhaps documenting it here will give me some form of motivation to follow it through. Wish me luck, I have a feeling I will be needing it.. 

Desperately seeking sleep 

2 thoughts on “Here it goes.. Sleep training day one 

  1. I hope you don’t mind me posting, but do you co-sleep? I have my baby’s cot attached to our bed with the side removed (TBH he spends 95% of his time next to me on my mattress but at least he can only roll into his cot rather than onto the floor!!) so no matter when he wakes I can feed him back to sleep without hardly moving.

    Breastfeeding is about so much more than food…it’s about warmth, comfort, reassurance, bonding. It’s hard when you’re being woken up every hour (or more) but all they want is to know we’re there and take comfort in us so they can fall peacefully back to sleep.

    I hope you find a solution that works for you xx


    • I had a crib which did the same, and my plan was to do this same, but our bed frame is too wide so we were unable to keep the crib down next to our bed:( I never used to mind waking as my baby would only wake once or twice, this then turned to 3 or 4 times which again I could cope with, but he has now gone from sleeping through 8+ hours to not managing two hours without crying for me. I’m just worried if I continue to comfort him back to sleep when he isn’t hungry, I will have to keep doing this every couple of hours for months to come. If you have any tips ease share!! Xx


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