Pinch punch it’s my favourite month..

Hello September! September has always been one of my favourite months.. You can still smell summer yet it also marks new beginnings; a new school year, the start of autumn, and for me another year older (less exciting now that I am approaching thirty). 

We have reached a few milestones in the last few weeks. After a week of trying and failing, Sami finally took my expressed milk in a bottle which resulted in a very happy mummy. We really struggled at first and tried various bottles. In the end the  Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottles came out on top. 

Here’s my advice on getting your baby to take the bottle.. Try to give them it when they are not very hungry (sounds strange but if baby is starving they are more likely to refuse the bottle), calm, happy, and when mummy is not in sight (I had my mum and sister on hand). It took a hard week of many attempts and use of different bottles but we got their in the end 😄. 

This has allowed me to have a few nights off and also peace of mind if I have to leave Sami or we have to travel. It has also meant that me and the husband got to enjoy some time out for our one year anniversary. The husband suprised me with a meal at the resturant who catered our wedding. We never got to enjoy the food on our wedding day, so this was a lovely suprise. He also spoilt me with shoes and earrings and tickets to see The Bodyguard Musical, which meant another lovely night out. Oh did I mention I also got to enjoy my best friends hen night. 

Another first is that Sami can now fall asleep by himself (can doesn’t always mean will) and we have set up the video monitor which makes the world of difference in the evenings. Sami’s bedtime is 9pm which comes around so quickly every day. I am hoping to bring this earlier gradually in the next few weeks. 

Sami also had his 8 week round of immunisations which he HATED.  He hates infacol too, and gripe water. Basically he only likes mummy’s milk! Luckily, his ‘colic’ (still not convinced by what colic is) is getting better and instead of hours of crying every evening, he now has a few unsettled periods a day, but they don’t last long.

Things me and Sami are loving right now:

  • Mummy loves cups of tea 
  • Mummy loves short afternoon naps
  • Mummy loves Sami’s smiles every morning
  • Sami loves his play gym
  • Sami loves the sound of a whistle 
  • Sami loves seeing mummy’s face in the morning 

Sami is blissfully napping while I write this. Little does he know mummy is starting to stress about how much she needs to do tomorrow in preparation for our weekend away. It’s my sisters 30th birthday, and to celebrate, 8 of us are spending the weekend in a lakeside lodge in the Cotswolds. This will be Sami’s first holiday. I am excited but also exhausted and not sure how much I will be able to enjoy it. Will keep you posted.. 

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