Every mamma needs a Bebechic

Me and Sami have made it to seven weeks.. Its funny how seven weeks feels like a lifetime, he’s changed so much, grown so much and we have learnt so much.

Some days I miss him being a brand new baby all curled up on top of me, and the lovely smell of his newness. I’m getting sentimental already, God knows how I’ll cope when he actually grows up. When your expecting seven weeks drags, but I feel like I’ll blink and next thing I know I’ll be back to work (boohoo).

Sami is doing so well on the growing front the little chubster. He has outgrown all of his early baby/ tiny baby and newborn clothes and his 0-3 month clothing is starting to feel snug. It does feel as though he feeds all the time so I am glad it is paying off. He is also now in a semi routine.

He wants to play for a while in the morning, then sleeps all afternoon only waking for a few feeds every 2-3 hours. When the clock strikes 6pm it’s like a switch turns on inside of him and he cries and fusses for no reason (that we can find) until bedtime (I am constantly being told he has/is colic but I am still waiting for someone to tell me what exactly colic is). At night he sleeps for four hours, and then wakes every two hours.

So, all in all I am getting a reasonable amount of sleep, and some lovely quality time playing with him in the mornings. And the afternoons are great.. As Sami sleeps through the majority of the afternoon, I use this this as an opportunity to take him out, and I try to do this every day. Some times this is just a short trip to my mums, the supermarket or a walk in the park. But Sami is very lucky to have also lunched, brunched, shopped, been for afternoon tea and also attended a wedding. He is the most sociable seven week old baby I ever knew.

One thing that has made it so easy to take him everywhere with me and still continue to exclusively breastfeed, is the Bebechic breastfeeding cover. It’s like a cape that you can use as a cover to adjust and feed discreetly, and it’s a reasonable £17.95. I purchased this after the Mamascarf was an epic fail. Quite frankly I could have saved my money and used a large Muslin instead!

Sami loves playing on his play mat (alone), he also loves music and has his daddy’s taste. He smiles when he sees me every morning and has, on occasion been giggling for the last three weeks. So excited to see what the next few weeks bring. We have a busy Month planned with my sisters 30th, my best friends wedding, and it’s also mine and my husbands birthdays aswell as our one year anniversary. Not sure if we will be celebrating our birthdays/ anniversary as the husband isn’t big on celebrations, but let’s see if he has any suprises up his sleeve.


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