Mummy & Daddy need food too! 

Being a new mum, the majority of my time and energy is taken up looking after my munchkin, which means the house often gets neglected. My baby is growing at an impressive rate thanks to all the feeding he is doing, which makes for a very tired and unproductive mummy. 

Even simple things like nipping out if I’ve run out of milk or bread is no longer simple, meaning I need to be super organised when it comes to food and grocery shopping. Being someone who usually takes great pride in my cooking and food, this has been quite difficult, and I’ve had to lower my standards (the husband hasn’t complained so far).

My tips on feeding family (and self) when you have a newborn: 

  • Have basics in the house like salad essentials, bread & milk, fruit, juice, snacks, as well as cooking essentials (onions, garlic etc).
  • Keep emergency stocks of things that don’t need to be kept fresh or have long lasting dates. Things like baked beans, soup, cheese, frozen vegetables.
  • Cereals and porridge are a good alternative for breakfast and needs minimal effort. 
  • Jacket potatos are my staple lunch and again require minimal effort and the ingredients last long cutting down on supermarket trips.
  • I can never cook for just two people, and could easily feed a family of five every night. I have therefore started freezing meals in portions for days when I don’t feel like cooking or simply don’t have time. 
  • I have never been a fan of online food shopping, but after a few drama filled trips to the supermarket, I have caved in and just done my first online grocery shop. I’m hoping this will make life easier but it’s already annoying that I have to wait two days for it to arrive.
  • I stock up on lots and lots of fruit. These are really the only snacks I keep at home. 
  • I am lucky enough to have lots of family closeby who offer to bring us meals, or run to the supremarket for me. My advise is to take help if it’s offered as it really does make a big difference. 

The above may sound really simple, but lack of sleep and exhaustion can make even the simplest things complicated. I have just about mastered cooking for us but am really running out of ideas for simple meals for dinner, and end up making the same quick and easy things every week. I am desperately seeking some variety! 

Sami now sleeps for a few hours in the afternoon, so I will be attempting to make more adventurous meals this week (once my online shop arrives). I will be attempting to make a Malaysian beef curry using a Jamie Oliver recipe. I’m picturing a disaster zone though as soon as Sami wakes up whilst I am mid cooking.. Wish me luck. 

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