Out with the old in with the new 

I’ve always been a super organised person. The kind of person that has spreadsheets for every single holiday I plan. When it came to my wedding I had multiple colour coded spreadsheets, complete with a colour coded to do list spreadsheet (a little extra I know). Despite the hectic last few months, I have tried to be as organised as I can in getting ready for Sami’s arrival. However, there was one thing I had overlooked..

I had simply not prepaired myself for the world of breastfeeding, except for purchasing the Mamascarf, which I am yet to take out of my pacapod (which speaks for itself). And I don’t mean the actual feeding. I had done my research in that department, as well as attending a dedicated NQT class. Being (usually) fashion conscious, I had forgotten to get some breastfeeding friendly clothes. Trust me, tops with tassels and studded pockets are useless, unless you want studded prints on your babies face! 

Throughout my pregnancy I had been lucky and the majority of my clothes still fit at full term (with the exception of trousers). Post pregnancy I have been even luckier, as five weeks postpartum I now fit into my old clothes (including my jeans 🙂 ). However, I still have a stone to lose to get back to my pre pregnancy weight, but I’m not too fussed about if and when that happens (lying to myself..). Being someone who likes to usually dress modestly, after two weeks of feeding in front of every female visitor, I decided enough was enough and headed into town.

Of course, before I could physically get to town, I made sure Sami had a nice long feed, had been burped and changed, which gave me approximately one and a half hours. Luckily I live a very short drive away from the city centre, and took my sister along for the ride (and assistance).

I only had time for a very short shopping spree as I was conscious Sami would then wake up and cry (more like scream) for food. I was on the look out for:

1) loose maxi dresses

2) T shirts/ blouses/ dresses that button up

3) kaftans/ cover ups (most maxi dresses/ button up tops are sleeveless which I prefer not to wear)

Being a shopping pro I was done in about 30 minutes flat and only made it to H&M. I found that H&M had lots of nice button up blouses, I have added my favourites below. In searching for the below, I discovered these are now on sale, so have ordered some more Online. 😄😄


£5 on sale at H&M
£5 on sale at h&m
£6 on sale at h&m

£9 on sale at h&m
 Sami was very well behaved and didn’t even wake until we got back into the car to head home, and we even had time for a sneaky hot chocolate 🙂

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