D day.. My Birth Story

As you may have guessed, moving day turned into THE day. Luckily by Saturday night the new carpet was laid in the new house, and all of our furniture had been transported. Sunday was spent fixing the curtains, cleaning the house, and unpacking essentials. I was therefore a little more relaxed about the prospect of our new arrival.

I had mild back pains from the early hours of Saturday morning, but had convinced myself that this wasn’t the real thing, so continued as normal. By Sunday morning I knew I was experiencing contractions (they feel nothing like braxton hicks FYI) but was still convinced I wasn’t really in labour and they would soon stop. This didn’t happen and instead they intensified throughout the day, by 9pm I had contractions every 3 minutes.

I spent the day in new house, sat on my bouncing ball with my tens machine on. I used both to manage the pain, swaying through each contraction with the tens machine massaging my back. I really don’t think I could have coped without these two things, especially as everyone else was busy with setting up the new house, I was pretty much managing on my own.

By Sunday night, the contractions had intensified, I suspected I was in back labour and this made it even more painful! Luckily for me, my sister came to my rescue through the night, and massaged my back through every contraction (every three minutes, poor her). By 4am she was dozing off and I felt bad as she was exhausted from unpacking my new house, so I left her to sleep and switched back to the tens machine.

To cut a long story short, my waters broke at around 6.30am on Monday morning, and we arrived at the hospital around 8am (I wanted to go sooner but my husband wasn’t convinced it was ‘time’ and went back to sleep for an hour). He was so sure we would be sent back home that he stayed in the car, and continued to nap for another hour and a half whilst I was being examined! Thank god for sisters.

We were all pretty shocked to find I was already 9cm dialated by the time I got to hospital, bumpy was pretty much ready to come out! It took almost three hours to get to 10cm, partly due to the gas and air which made me drowsy and I was falling asleep through each contraction. This bit is a little bit of a blur to be honest.

At around midday, I started pushing (which I struggled with at first), and after an hour of pushing, my little boy was born. Little Sami was born at 13.01pm on Monday 29th June, weighing a teeny tiny 5 pounds 14 oz. I was instantly in love. Sami was and is the cutest and most adorable thing I have ever laid eyes on.

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