Mummy to be Rant

As the end of my pregnancy draws near, I am increasingly being asked questions by eager friends and family on the kind of parent I want to be and parenting choices I want to make.

This is all well and good when it comes to genuine questions from said friends and family, who are maybe highlighting things they think I haven’t thought of, or are just keen to get involved. However, some of the questions/ comments are really quite bizzarre.. 

Will I breastfeed? Will the baby sleep with me? Will I follow a routine? Will I mix bottle with breast milk? Will I express? Which shops will I buy their clothing from? The questions are endless and I’ve even been asked what school the baby will go to, will I educate them privately, which schools fit my catchment area etc. The poor baby isn’t even born yet and already I am been asked about things that will impact us in 5 years time. It’s pretty crazy and I think it’s a sign of things to come. I am going to have to grow a thick skin to deal with the joys of competitive mums!

I think every parent has an idea of what they would ideally do, but until you get there who knows. What I also find bizzarre is why people are interested in knowing the answers to such meaningless (to them) questions. I have a set idea of how I want to do things in my mind, but I am also well aware that I have never done this before, and will need to go with the flow at times. I hope to be the best parent I can be, and I don’t know all the answers yet but I’m willing to give it a good go and am looking forward to embracing motherhood. Wish me luck..

Rant over 😊… 1 week to go until bumpy (hopefully) arrives.. 

3 thoughts on “Mummy to be Rant

  1. I experienced the same thing in regards to so many questions on how I will parent. I often receive advice I didn’t ask for and then tend to feel judged for doing it differently. My skin is definitely thicker and I am getting better at following my mommy instinct.

    Here’s to a happy, healthy labor, delivery and baby!


    • Glad to hear im not the only one, and I will deffo be trying to stick to my own instincts too 🙂 This week I have been told numerous times by my neighbours that they wish God gives me a boy! Crazzzy!!
      Thanks, eek so excited but anxious at the same time, any day now 😄


  2. I am 33 weeks pregnant! And what I have found really weird is when people give you advice who dont even have kids. One lady said to me, “Whatever you do, don’t breastfeed your kid once they have teeth. Please don’t become one of those moms.” I think to each their own, and that comment was even more rude coming from someone who doesn’t have kids. For me, I am reading all the books and trying to soak in as much parent info as I can. But plans may not go as planned, and I need to meet my baby first. I think together we will find our way. Great blog! xo


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