My alternative Babymoon

So ever since I found out I was pregnant, I have been pestering the husband about a babymoon. Not wanting to upset a pregnant wife, he obliged and we had plans to go to the south of France/ Italy over Easter for two weeks. I was blissfully looking forward to our last trip together before bumpy arrived.

But then our plans got shredded to pieces! We had always aimed to move out of London at some point, and this was most likely going to be something we thought about a few months after the baby was born. But we fell in love with a house while half heartedly house hunting (well I was loosely looking, the husband wasn’t). Within a week we had viewed the house three times and put an offer forward.

We anxiously waited as we knew there were three other offers, but to our delight our offer was accepted the next day (after a slight bidding war). We couldn’t believe it, but the race was now on. We knew we needed to move everything along quickly to get everything ready in time for bumpy’s arrival, and with a month to go until our planned babymoon and all our extra cash now tied up into the house, the babymoon was cancelled..

Although I was disappointed, I knew it was the right thing to do, as our priority was now the house, and the husband kept on consoling me by saying, the house is your babymoon (hmm).

So here I am, 11 weeks later and as of yesterday we finally have the keys to our new house. With yesterday being my last day at work also (woohoo) my ‘babymoon’ has officially started.

So far it has consisted of dropping of regular food to the husband while he works tirelessly to strip the walls of the house, collecting paint samples and sitting in the sun enjoying our new garden. Oh, and not to mention making lots of cups of tea.

With less than 6 weeks until bumpy is due, am keeping my fingers crossed that we finish the house and move in before bumpy decides to make an appearance. The idea of bumpy coming now while we are living out of boxes and suitcases at my mums house is rather scary, so am putting that to the back of my mind. For now, my biggest worry is deciding between ‘cotton breeze’ or ‘pebble shore’ for our bedroom…

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