First trimester milestone- treat yourself.. 

If like me, you found you spent the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy sleeping, puking, sleeping some more (didn’t know I could sleep so much), puking some more, and generally feeling nauseated, you’ll be pleased to see the end of your first trimester. 

Everyone talks about a sudden burst of energy that you’ll experience as you progress into the second trimester. I’ll be honest I waited and waited and this never happened, I continued to feel nauseated for some time longer but gradually I found myself sleeping less and less and started to get my life back-happy days 🙂 

This is the perfect time to treat yourself and do something that may be more difficult later in your pregnancy or when the baby arrives. My advice would be to get away for a long weekend, and that’s exactly what I did. 

At 15 weeks, myself and four of the girls booked a city break to Berlin. Being January, it was bitterly cold, so we wrapped up warm, packed some comfy winter boots and spent a lovely four days sightseeing and taking in everything Berlin had to offer. We did a hell of a lot of walking and I honestly feel like this did me some good after 14+ weeks of not moving from my sofa. 

I feel this was the perfect time to get away, I had the energy to keep up with the others, I was no longer experiencing morning sickness and I had no bump or extra weight to carry. 

We crammed in all of the ‘must do’s’ including the Brandenburger TorBerlin CathedralThe Reichstag building, and The holocaust memorial, which all brought back memories of school History lessons. Not to mention, we visited many of the numerous museums, my favourites being The DDR museum (very interactive and family friendly but expect long queues) and Topography of Terror (prepare to come out feeling truly sad). 

Berlin has a lot to offer in terms of history, but I also found this to be quite depressing, as insightful as it was. I was quite happy spending some time relaxing and indulging in the food (much better then I expected). Therefore my top three ‘must do’s’ if your ever in Berlin are:

  1. Afternoon tea at Hotel Adlon: We spent an entire afternoon here in the lobby lounge with unlimited tea (huge selection) and unlimited cakes and pastries whilst being serenaded by the gentle sounds of the piano playing. Being the foodies that we are, we truly enjoyed this on our last day, and thankful to cousin S for the recommendation. At 42 euros per person it really was well worth it!
  2. B flat jazz club: We had a really fun night here, the night we went there was an American band and Mo-Town singer playing, we thoroughly enjoyed the live music and we booked a table in advance which happened to be right at the front ( would recommend booking in advance as lots of people were standing). 
  3. Friedrichstadt- Palace: We saw the show ‘The Wyld’. Without saying too much this was a rather strange but enjoyable experience. I would compare it to a more family friendly version of the Moulin Rouge, with dancers, singers, animals and entertainers. The venue was simply stunning and it’s worth a trip if your stuck for what to do in the evening. 

I really enjoyed my long weekend away and now bumpy is so close to making its entrance, the prospect of another seems very far in the future. I’m glad I treated myself and would recommend all future mummy’s treat themselves in some way too, when they pass the 12 week milestone.  



5 thoughts on “First trimester milestone- treat yourself.. 

  1. I went to Berlin in my teens, following on a school trip, yup, to reinforce the history lessons on WWII. I had a great time despite getting pick pocketed on Day 3. You have lovely photos of Berlin!


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