Let’s start at the beginning…

Rewind to last summer, and after a frantic 8 months of engagement parties, hen do shenanigans, and wedding planning, the husband and I were coming back down to earth after our dream wedding. 

Our wedding was a mix of two cultures coming together and we enjoyed three main events (yes that’s right I had 3 outfits) over a couple of weeks (more about our wedding in a future post) so as you can imagine we were very much looking forward to our month long honeymoon when it finally arrived in October.

First stop was a heavenly little island in the Maldives (Velassaru) which was just what we needed. This place was pure luxury, we had a beach villa with our own little private beach leading to the sea, but the best part was the outdoor bathroom featuring an outdoor monsoon shower. Our room was cleaned numerous times a day and it was just pure luxury! 

This was the perfect little island to spend 6 days relaxing, enjoying the heat, eating delicious food and generally just chilling out. The service and standards were impeccable, the staff genuinely wanted to make your stay as enjoyable as possible and nothing was too much trouble. A personal highlight for me was the dolphin explorer trip, where we were treated to a school of Dolphins giving us a show in their natural habitat- the Indian Ocean. It was spectacular with twirls, spins and everything! 

And let me tell you the food was to die for! We opted for half board (breakfast and lunch) and chose to dine at the various restaurants in the evening, my favourite was the Tepanyaki which came complete with a resident shark loitering around the sea villa as you ate! 

We enjoyed the live music and entertainment every evening, which made this resort unique, it deffo left its mark on us and we can’t wait to return (with bumpy in tow). We spent the rest of our honeymoon in Borneo, mainland Malaysia and Dubai, but more on that another time..
Anyway the point of this post was to ‘start at the beginning’ and this perfect little island is where bumpy’s journey starts. Our honeymoon baby will be with us in approx 7 short weeks, and I cannot wait..   


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